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Englander Mattress Reviews

Englander mattress reviews are, like those of other brands, mixed. While there are some individual likes and dislikes that are very specific, the "big" pros and cons tend to fall into two categories.

Those who love them say they're like sleeping on a cloud or a very large pillow. Those who don't like them say that they sag and cause back pain.

So in general, people who like soft, fluffy mattresses really like Englander while those who want or need firm support don't. Here are some of the pros and cons I've gathered from customer reviews.

Englander Mattress Reviews - Pros

The Lady Englander pillow top mattress is reviewed as lasting for a long time (nine years in one case) without developing any body impressions, compared to a Serta that lasted for less than a year before forming annoying impressions. It's described as heavy duty and not sagging on the edge when sitting up on it.

The fact that they're made in the U.S. is a plus for some buyers.

Lady Englander

Fans of the Lady Englander say that they sleep much better compared to other mattresses, so good that they sometimes wake up in the same position they went to sleep in without tossing and turning.

Their lower prices are considered favorable and many people buy an "entry level" Englander mattress set at first. They then trade up in quality and comfort over the years while moving the used beds to guest rooms or children's rooms.

Several users comment on how soft and luxurious Englander mattresses feel, "like sleeping on a marshmallow" in one review. In my opinion feeling like I'm sleeping an a marshmallow would be a major negative. I like a nice firm support layer with a somewhat soft and yeilding comfort layer. But to each their own right?

Other Englander mattress reviews describe the queen sized pillow top mattress as being comfortable and durable. However, I feel obliged to inject my standard warning against pillowtops in general.

Nature's Finest Latex

The Nature's Finest pillow top mattress made from natural latex and bamboo is said to be "a dream to sleep on," resisting sags unlike other pillow top models that typically develop body impressions within a few months. This would make sense since the quality of material in the top layer is much higher than usual.

Again, reasonable prices are stressed, with reviewers considering Englander latex to be a benchmark in value and quality. Some reviewers insist that now, when they go on vacation, they're unable to sleep as soundly as at home.

Consumers also say that they reduce side-to-side movement and motion transfer.

Englander latex mattresses are praised for being hypoallergenic, including resistance to dust mites and mold.

When older Englander mattresses are "demoted" to guest room use, reviewers have said that guests comment on how comfortable the bed is and what a good night's sleep they've had on it.

Englander Mattress Reviews - Cons

Those who don't like their Englander mattress complain about sagging, in one case "so badly that I rolled into the middle of the bed."

Another complaint is that Englander's customer service is difficult to access and inadequate. Englander won't fix a mattress if they believe there is no problem with it, even if their judgment conflicts with that of the customer. However, this is standard practice in the industry. Retailers' mattress return policies vary, so they might replace the mattress even when the manufacturer won't. It's definitely worth checking out.

Sagging has even been described on both sides, leaving a hump in the middle of the bed. Unhappy customers have said that the areas which sag can become permanent and that the company won't take back a mattress unless the indentations reach a certain depth.

Lumpiness has also been reported, as has tearing in the upholstery.

Viscopedic Memory Foam

One reviewer of the Englander Viscopedic mattress said that he felt like he was "sleeping in a hole" despite only weighing 130 lbs.

There have also been complaints of unevenness of wear and aggravation of back and hip pain.

Another complaint about the Viscopedic bed is a feeling of sweatiness due to lack of heat dissipation, and that excessive sweat even turned the mattress cover yellow.

Most complaints have to do with the lack of firmness, even with the firmer mattress lines.


One thing mentioned, that is neither pro nor con but is good to know, is that these mattresses are quite tall and require deep pocket sheets.

In conclusion, I find it easy to recommend the Lady Englander and Nature's Finest models. The company's other product lines are much more hit or miss and may be a risky purchase.

I think the bottom line with Englander mattress reviews is that those who prefer soft mattresses usually like the company's products, and those who prefer sleeping on a firm mattress generally don't.

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