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About the Hypnos Mattress Company

England's Premier Luxury Mattress Manufacturer

When George Henry Keen started the Hypnos Mattress Company he didn't know that it would survive for over a hundred years and that it's history would include two Royal Warrants from the Queen of England.

Nevertheless, this family-owned company has been faithfully producing top quality handmade beds and luxury mattresses for more than a century.


The brand was actually named after an ancient Greek god called Hypnos - the god of sleep who was the son of Nyx - the goddess of night. They are a family-run British business that was established by Keen in 1907.

Right from the start they were dedicated to producing only the finest mattresses which were hand crafted with extraordinary attention to detail. The company has endured for five generations and is currently run by his great grandson Peter Keen.

Hypnos Mattress Company is the proud holder of a Royal Warrant of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. In order to be eligible for a Royal Warrant a company must provide products that are the best in their class to the Royal household for five years in a row. Once it has been received the warrant is reviewed every five years to see if the quality has been maintained.

They are the only mattress manufacturer that has been awarded this honor twice in a row by successive rulers and have been providing mattresses to the Royal family for over 37 years. In the 18th century holders of a Warrant were granted the privilege of using the Royal Coat of Arms and this can be seen clearly as part of their company logo. Other recipients include famous names like Rolls Royce and Aston Martin.


Hypnos is well known for their exacting construction methods, which use deep pocket springs to craft an exceptional mattress of superior quality. The craftsmen who make their mattresses are extremely dedicated and take great pride in their work. Many of them have have stayed with the company for their entire careers since doing their apprenticeship. They then pass on their knowledge to the next generation.

The company is one of the largest suppliers of mattresses to luxury hotels and this makes up a fairly large portion of their business. Among their customers are many of the most prestigious hotels in Europe and they are the leader of the contract bed market in the United Kingdom.

Aside from commercial mattresses for hotels, Hypnos also has a regular retail mattress line for individual customers. However they don't mass produce them like the larger manufacturers such as Sealy and Serta.

Because of the amount of time and labor they take to be hand crafted, as well as the high quality materials used at every stage, A Hypnos mattress has traditionally been incredibly expensive. This should be no surprise considering they are favored by the very rich.

However, in recent years the company has begun offering affordable models which still have many of the features present in the more expensive ones. So a Hypnos mattress is no longer available only to the incredibly rich and famous.

Product Line

The company offers four major product lines: the Royal Comfort, Regency, Heritage and Orthos collections. You can get these mattresses from retailers all over the world including Australia, Canada, the United States, UK and Asia. They can even be found online at select retailers.

These less expensive mattress models come with shorter warranties but that's to be expected and is fairly typical in the bedding industry.

So if you are looking for a great night's rest but don't have a budget to match the Queen of England you might want to try out an affordable Hypnos mattress model like the Evesham for some of that royal pampering. For a closer look at their extensive product line see this article on Hypnos Beds.


With such high standards Hypnos is willing to guarantee comfortable sleep from their mattresses as well as unrivaled quality. They're even confident enough to use the tag line "The most comfortable beds in the world."

Are they right? Well, this might be disputed by other luxury mattress manufacturers such as Duxiana, VI Spring, Shifman and Hastens, but when you're listed among company like that you're certainly among the best. Hypnos reputation and their high profile clientele show that their confidence is probably not misplaced. For further reading on their quality continue on to Hypnos Mattress Reviews.

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