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Stearns and Foster Mattress Company is the oldest American owned and operated bedding manufacturer in the United States. Its history is rich, with a standard of dedication to creating luxurious high end mattresses. Their brand has withstood the test of time for quality and workmanship.

Stearns and Foster Mattress Company History

Stearns and Foster originated as a company to create high end upholstery for horse carriages, founded by Seth Foster and G.S. Stearns. This venture began in 1854, but quickly found a new opportunity. The quality that went into creating the upholstery also proved to be a good basis for mattresses. The first ones produced were sold mainly to hotels and this has remained a large part of their business.

The company was originally founded in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1846. It later moved to Lockland, Ohio in 1880. The Stearns and Foster name is now owned by Sealy as their high end mattress line, but still maintains the name of the original owners.

The Stearns and Foster mattress factory in Lockland produced mattresses for over 100 years and was a large employer in the community. Over time the factory grew to an enormous size, covering more than a million square feet on fifteen acres of land. Everything changed when Sealy took over in 1993. The factory was closed because it was simply too old and run down. They moved the operation to their more modern factories and it has since been abandoned.

A New Direction

In 1994 the company decided on a new direction and started focusing exclusively on high end luxury mattresses. Up to that point they still produced mattresses at lower price levels. They were one of the first big name brands to specialize in this manner and were present for the beginning of the rise in popularity of the "luxury mattress" category which has come into vogue recently.

A Stearns and Foster mattress is designed and built by experienced craftsmen. Their skills are necessary in order to create these high quality sets. Each mattress is hand made, which means that it takes twice as long to make as a factory produced model.

When shopping for a Stearns and Foster mattress, one finds the details exclusive to this company. Careful crafting, with a hand tufted finish, styled handles, and special embroidery patterns give them the rich look they are so famous for. Inside, the mattresses are made using Mongolian horsehair, high grade wools and luxurious cashmere and silks.

This attention to detail dates back to the early 1900's when the company created their new design department. They hired well known artists to come up with upholstery designs that gave their mattresses a high end look and set them apart from others. They were one of the first companies to focus on the exterior look of the mattress and incorporate artistic influences.

The Company Today

Stearns and Foster not only strive to provide high quality mattresses, but also seeks to partner with deserving charitable organizations. The most recent news event has been a donation of one million dollars worth of mattresses to the Salvation Army. The mattresses donated are being used for those who need them most; people staying in residential shelters.

This "Gift of Sleep" event was generated by a challenge to Sealy as well as Stearns and Foster retailers to sell mattresses between November 2010 and January 2011. Retailers also urged to provide a gift matching opportunity to their local shelters. They announced that they have reached their maximum goal on their donation campaign.

Operating under Sealy, the company continues to be a leading global manufacturer of mattresses. In 2009, Sealy's sales were $1.3 billion, with over 7,000 retail outlets available for consumers. It operates with the highest consumer awareness, and also provides more mattresses to hotel chains than any other.

Buying A Stearns and Foster Mattress

When purchasing a Stearns and Foster mattress, the customer actually designs their own mattress. Much like ordering custom features on a car, a new mattress isn't a standard issue. The consumer selects the comfort levels and support features. A box spring foundation is also included in the mattress design in order to increase durability.

They come in a range of prices and models. The first is the Traditional, which is the basic Stearns and Foster mattress. The next levels include the limited edition Silver Dream and the top of the line Golden Elegance. Their mattresses offer many features, such as a foam encasement around the intellicoil system, joma wool to relieve pressure, natural latex to keep the sleeper supported and cashmere infused into the fabric. Their products aspire to luxury at every level.

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Stearns and Foster include a ten year warranty on all of its mattresses. Each bed can be registered with a mail in card or online, ensuring that the quality will be honored on the chance a mattress does not perform as expected.

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