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The Original Mattress Factory

One Of Consumer Reports Highest Rated Manufacturers

It was in 1990 that the Original Mattress Factory was first established. The idea of being able to sell superior mattress and box spring sets directly to consumers, while keeping costs low, was the driving force that fueled this company from the beginning.

Company Philosophy

There was a 3 point design that would be integrated into the new business, and would ultimately form the company's Mission Statement. The founder, Ron Trzcinski, was also instrumental in devising 9 ideas that would be incorporated into their unique philosophy. All employees are expected to learn and use these principles when dealing with the public and their coworkers.

The three main points in their mission statement are:

  • To provide real value by manufacturing their own mattresses and selling them direct from the factory, removing the large markup added by retailers.
  • Educate customers about their product without sales pressure and underhanded tactics.
  • Consistently try to solve problems with customers, employees and suppliers in a way that benefits everyone.

One of the most unique things about this company is that they sell mattresses right at the factory locations. They also allow customers to tour the plant and watch as the mattresses are being constructed. Rather than trying to sell, sell, sell; they want to give the customer as much information as possible so they can make their own decisions.

This is almost unheard of in the mattress industry. It has brought a refreshing level of transparency to a business that all too often resembles a shady racket like used car sales. Most companies like the fact that few people actually know how to judge the quality of a mattress, because they can get away with using less expensive construction materials while charging higher prices.

The Original Mattress Factory still keeps the Mission Statement and Philosophy at the center of all its business decisions. These important, well rounded principles are daily guides for the employees that show them what is really important in their work. Trzcinski has made sure that each of the company's workers is concerned about showing honesty and integrity whenever they deal with customers. Exemplary service, superior products, low prices and customer satisfaction are all hallmarks of this young, exuberant company.

Original Mattress Factory History

Ron Trzcinski learned about the bedding industry while working at The Ohio Mattress Company. He began in 1971 and stayed there for 18 years. During this time the company grew into largest manufacturer of mattresses and box springs in the United States. Two of the famous brand names Ohio Mattress is known for are Sealy and Stearns and Foster.

Trzcinski went on to become the company's President and Chief Operating Officer. However, by 1988 it was announced that the business was going to be sold to a group of investors as part of a leveraged buyout deal. Even though the new owners requested Trzcinski stay with them and continue his usual role of CEO, it was not to be. He just couldn't buy into the new business philosophy which based everything around the belief that "cash is king".

Trzcinski believed that his own best interests would be served if he could continue giving the public great products and excellent service with low prices. Because of his many years of experience in the business, he knew exactly how this could be accomplished. He wanted to establish a new company and produce high quality bedding products to sell directly to the customer, eliminating the middle man. This would allow him to keep prices at a level that people could really afford.

Perry Doerman, former Secretary and Treasurer of the Ohio Mattress Company and Larry Carlson, who had been the Vice-President in charge of Manufacturing at Sealy's Medina, Ohio location joined forces with Ron. These 3 men would be the founders of The Original Mattress Factory.

There were only 5 employees when the first store made its 1990 debut in Cleveland, OH. 3 of these were manufacturing workers and the other 2 were employed as part time sales associates. In 1991 Doug Stroup elected to join this determined group. Stroup was the former President of Upholstery for Stearns and Foster.

Today there are 11 manufacturing plants, over 100 different showrooms, and the company employs over 500 people.

Original Mattress Factory Locations

The factory stores are located in:

  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Maplewood, Minnesota
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Richmond, Virginia

Full driving directions, contact information, and store hours are available at their official website.

The product line includes adjustable beds, headboards, mattresses, box springs and other bedding accessories. There are memory foam, latex, coil spring and orthopedic mattresses available in a full selection of sizes including some custom mattress options. Customers can choose the products they prefer from groupings such as Regency, Classic and Legacy.

For more information on their current offerings check out the Original Mattress Company Product Line.

Although this young business has seen a number of changes and experienced rapid growth, the owners and employees still remain committed to delivering excellent service to each customer.

Just recently (10/09) Consumer Reports published the results of a survey they did with over 17,000 subscribers concerning customer satisfaction with mattress purchases. The Original Mattress Factory was the top rated retailer and the second most highly rated manufacturer (Tempurpedic took first)out of a lineup including most of the big players in the business.

Since it's common knowledge that Consumer Reports is a reliable source, this is nothing to sneeze at and shows that the company must be doing something right.

For more information on the opinions of actual owners continue reading here: Original Mattress Factory Reviews.

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