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One Of The Longest Lived Mattress Manufacturers

Kingsdown Mattress was founded in 1904 and is one of the longest lived mattress manufacturers around. It was formed by A.N. Scott and W.W. Corbett in Mebane, NC and was originally called the Mebane Bedding Company.

From the beginning Kingsdown mattresses were all handmade with care and were said to be very comfortable and long lasting.


During the 1920's they patented several mattress components and improved their manufacturing processes. They developed a good reputation in the industry and the company started to grow.

In the 1930's they changed their name to the Mebane-Royall Co. and began publishing their own catalogs. They offered strange looking open style box springs which were apparently very popular at the time.

By the 1940's their steel box springs had gotten a reputation as "unbreakable". But when the war effort needed extra iron they dutifully created box springs that used less steel by incorporating wood elements.

In the 1950's they introduced a model called the Kingsdown which became their most popular. Their delivery trucks advertised the "Kingsdown Mattress and Box Spring" since it was their most recognizable product.

Throughout the 60's the company expanded by selling mattresses to new hotels being built across the country along the interstate highways.

It was in the 70's that the company finally changed it's name to Kingsdown Bedding and began to be seen internationally. They also began to use scientific testing and analysis in their product development which put them at the forefront of the industry.

They hired a new management team in the 80's and went through a period of massive growth. They were featured on the front page of a major trade publication as business innovators.

Sleep Diagnostics

In the 90's Kingsdown introduced one of it's most significant products. They pioneered a unique computer program called DormoDiagnostics which can determine the best mattress for anyone.

Since everyone's body is different the company claimed, their choice of sleep surface should reflect their needs. The system uses 18 statistical measurements and 17,000 formulas to recommend the right mattress for each customer. They began to use this process in all their stores.

In 2007 the second generation of DormoDiagnostics was introduced. Called BodyDiagnostics it's sold in over 20 different countries and all across the U.S.

The company's slogan is "We believe that the better you sleep, the better you will live." They say they're mission is to give people the best night's sleep they can get by providing the latest technology in their products. In pursuit of this goal they've received several accolades including a Consumer's Digest Best Buy award and the National Home Furnishings Association Award of Excellence. However, unlike Consumer Reports, these organizations are not totally unbiased by advertising and other financial concerns.

Kingsdown Mattress Product Line

A Kingsdown Mattress may be an interesting option if your bed has outlived it's usefulness and needs replacing. They've made their name as a pioneer in Dormo diagnostics technology.

The company mainly focuses on traditional innerspring construction and memory foam mattresses so if you're looking for a latex mattress then you'll probably need to look elsewhere.

Kingsdown Body System

Kingsdown Dormo Diagnostics is the world's first computer guided system which attempts to determine the best sleep surface for any body shape.

Their patented process is claimed to be the result of 15 years of scientific development. It supposedly uses over a thousand calculations from 18 different statistical measurements.

The company claims to use information they collect from this process to produce mattresses designed to properly support the various different body types. Then by analyzing your body type they say they can determine which of their products is right for you.

By answering a few questions and then lying on the diagnostic bed in one of their retail stores (mainly Sleepy's whom they seem to have an some sort of exclusive agreement with) you can find out which Kingsdown Mattress they think you should be sleeping on. The program supposedly makes a digital map of your body's pressure points which it uses to calculate how to keep your posture correctly aligned for good support.

The whole process only takes a couple of minutes. You'll then get a printout which makes recommendations for the what they think is the best sleep surface based on your body type.

The extensive Kingsdown mattress product range is meant to make sure that your spinal cord stays healthy and straight and your body is supported in such a manner that you get a comfortable night's sleep.

Kingsdown Adjustable Bed

They also produce the BodyMotion line which are adjustable beds. These highly specialized units come with a Kingsdown mattress. Each side of the bed has a separate control for elevating the head and feet so you and your partner can each decide how you want things.

If that isn't enough each side also has a body massage unit which can be set to variable speeds for the royal treatment. Of course you shouldn't expect these to be cheap. Adjustable beds are usually the most expensive ones you can find.

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