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Hypnos Beds

Hypnos beds are said to be the most comfortable in the world, and have been hand made using time honored methods for over a hundred years. It's generally agreed that they are some of the best mattresses available anywhere.

The experience of sleeping on one of these beauties used to be exclusive to only the very rich but they now produce several lines which are more affordable.

However, they still make some of the most decadent luxury mattresses you can get and their more expensive models can cost upwards of $15,000.

They have five major product lines - the Bedstead, Orthos, Heritage, Regency and Royal Comfort Collections.

Entry Level

The Bedstead Mattress Collection is their entry level product with names like Zircon, Opal, Jade, Ruby and Diamond. Each has ReActive No Need To Turn pocket springs that are a mere 150cm in size, yet provide maximum support and comfort. These are some of their most affordable mattresses.

All models in the line are upholstered with pure cotton felt and soft lambswool. Each one is made with non-allergenic white fiber and is traditionally hand tufted.

The Zircon is the basic model and comes with 850 coils. The Opal has over 1,100 coils and also has an upholstered border with two rows of hand stitching for greater edge to edge support. If you want the firmest support the Diamond mattress has over 1600 coils and includes the double stitched edge support as well as all the other standard features.

Top Of The Line

The Hypnos Royal Comfort Collection is their top of the line and offers the maximum comfort level, combining the company's expertise with the best modern advances.

The models in this line are the Empress, Eminence, and Sovereign. They are covered in only the finest Belgian damask using gold and silver thread to create beautiful designs. These amazing mattresses must be seen to be believed. They really do look fit for a Queen.

This set uses the latest in pocket spring technology and only the best natural fillings including lambswool, silk, cashmere and cotton felt. It is all surrounded by layers of luxurious natural upholstery giving you the best combination of comfort and body support. The side borders are hand stitched in three rows for increased strength and durability.

The Eminence actually has 2,000 150cm pocketed springs arranged on top of each other in two different layers for maximum comfort and flexibility. This is far more springs than are found in an average mattress and show the length to which Hypnos goes to provide quality construction.

There are many other collections of Hypnos beds to choose from, and some can be custom styled to fit your bedroom's decor.

Other Bedding Products

Hypnos provides not only quality hand made beds but many of the accessories that go with them, including guest beds, headboards and pillows.

The Trio Guest Bed is a single mattress with a space saving design which easily transforms into a king size bed when you have company.

The company's headboards are completely customizable to match your bedroom's interior design. They're upholstered with a range of beautiful fabrics available in many different colors and textures. They are offered in nine different contemporary and classic styles and will provide an impressive focal point for the room.

Hypnos also offers mattress and Divan sets with built in drawers and casters. One basic model is the Serene Divan, which comes with over 1500 pocket springs in the mattress and sumptuous layers of natural fillings for extreme comfort.

It's a medium tension mattress with side air vents which allow air to circulate preventing heat and moisture build up. It has three rows of side stitching for enhanced strength and is available starting at 1600 Euros. The Divan base has another 1,000 individually pocketed springs for even more support.

Making A Purchase

There are many places that offer Hypnos beds, and you can even order directly from the manufacturer. As you can tell they come in a wide selection of styles and sizes. Even if you purchase elsewhere, it's still a good idea to check out their website to see everything they have to offer.

Hypnos even has their own mattress buying guide. It includes an introduction to the whole purchasing process and explains why it's important to choose the right bed for optimal comfort and support.

While you may not find Hypnos beds at your local home furnishing retailer, you should still go in and look around to at least familiarize yourself with the kinds of different products available. You'll be able make smarter choices if you have more knowledge at the time of purchase.

Hypnos Beds - Durability

When buying a bed, no matter who made it or how luxurious it is, you really need to check on things like how long it's supposed to last. Many mattresses are guaranteed for ten years, some for quite a bit longer, even as high as 30 years.

You want to look at what kind of warranties are offered and what their policies are on returns. This is very important if you have a problem with it because, while the warranty may still be valid, the sizable shipping costs may be your responsibility. Hypnos beds are well known for their durability and will usually remain comfortable for many years after the warranty has expired - unlike many other brands.

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