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Are They Really The Most Comfortable Beds In The World?

Hypnos mattress reviews are virtually impossible to find. We usually attempt to bring you first hand accounts from actual mattress owners but due to this brand's rarity and expense, we're unable to do that here.

However, a very good case can still be made to support their claim to be the "most comfortable beds in the world."

Preferred By Luxury Hotels

Have you ever wondered what kind of mattress luxury hotels are using? Having slept on one will surely make you want to bring one home to your bedroom. Just imagine experiencing that comfort every day of your life. It will make you dream of investing in a mattress fit for royalty.

Considering the benefits a well made mattress can have on your posture and overall health, not only does it become an indulgence but a health necessity. With the number of mattresses on the market today, the options can be overwhelming. However, nothing beats Hypnos mattress reviews when it comes to seamlessly combining indulgence, luxury and comfort.

Hypnos mattresses are chosen to grace the beds of the most prestigious luxury hotels and spas in Europe. This is because they are are made from the finest industry materials, inside and out.

The brand takes pride in having each of its mattresses hand crafted and processed with stringent quality control standards. They have been known to reject an entire container of cashmere if they find a single flaw. This is a big part of the reason Hypnos has established quite an impeccable reputation among the world's luxury hotel chains.

Hypnos Mattress Reviews From Her Majesty The Queen

You might want to know what else makes a Hypnos mattress so special. Well, this British company holds a Royal Warrant and is the sole bedding supplier for Her Majesty the Queen of England. The late Queen Mother slept on the same mattress for 67 years with very little maintenance, only needing to have it refurbished once. Receiving a Royal Warrant is essentially an endorsement from the entire Royal household and makes the lack of Hypnos mattress reviews somewhat irrelevant.

Their products are hand assembled by master craftsmen in over 6 hours. They use only the best natural materials like pure silk, cotton, angora and cashmere. The tufting is done by hand, the springs are hand nested and encased individually and then tied very carefully. After that, the mattress is covered with expensive Belgian damask. All these things are combined to produce one of the most comfortable and supportive mattresses that money can buy.

An average mattress has 600 springs; a Hypnos mattress has 1200 springs. The frame of the box spring is made entirely from one type of hardwood. So you can probably understand why they command top dollar prices. This level of pampering and decadence can be claimed by only a few other brands like VI Spring, Hastens, Duxiana and Shifman. These five companies are widely considered the best and when you're in company like that, positive Hypnos mattress reviews can be pretty much taken for granted.

Hypnos beds may be quite expensive, but they are definitely built to last. Because of their attention to detail and amazing construction quality they will not develop body impressions and start to sag in the middle like other brands.

What Makes A Nice Bed?

Not everybody knows what makes a nice bed. It's all about the manufacturing techniques used for the spring coils, latex and foams. It's in the way they're combined to make a mattress that conforms to your body and provides lasting comfort. No matter what sleeping position you choose it is essential for a mattress to give your body ample support to maintain proper posture in order to lessen the strain on your spinal column. It's this kind of technology that Hypnos has undoubtedly mastered.

Considering their exclusive clientele we don't feel that it's necessary to find actual Hypnos mattress reviews in order to recommend their products. Think of it this way - Would the Queen of England accept an uncomfortable mattress? Would she endorse a bed that began to fall apart after a few short years?

Every year luxury hotel guests rack up over ten million sleep nights on Hypnos beds. This alone could attest to their quality. When you factor in the top quality materials they use and the expert hand craftsmanship it's easy to see why many people are willing to spend over $10,000 dollars on one of these high end luxury mattresses.

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