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A Jamison mattress is certainly worth your consideration if you are in need of a new one. A top quality mattress is important to your health and happiness.

It's one of the most important purchases you can make. Jamison mattresses are among the best and will help improve your life one good night's sleep at a time.

They offer many different types of mattresses so no matter what your preference they will have one that's right for you. They have traditional inner spring mattresses and the newer foam mattresses as well. It's hard to say if one's better than the other because it's largely a matter of personal preference.

Jamison Innerspring Mattresses

Their innerspring mattresses can be divided into two types: steel laced and pocketed coil.

The company offers two different models in their steel laced innerspring line. They are the Equalizer and the VitaPedic.

Steel laced innerspring mattresses are an old design that has been around for years, but Jamison has perfected it. The difference is the coils themselves.

Jamison utilizes a proprietary Smart Coil which is made from tempered steel. It is built from a fine wire and used in sets that are mirror images of each other; the matched left and right hand coils work in tandem with each other to keep movement from one person on the bed disturbing the other person.

These models are available in firm, plush and pillow top comfort levels.

The Crest Collection is Jamison's pocketed coil mattress collection.

In a pocketed coil mattress each of the springs is individually wrapped and separated from the rest. This provides true motion separation making this a spring mattress bed that behaves more like a memory foam model.

The company uses a free floating system of pocketed coils which provides 100% coil conformity for perfect spinal alignment. It also provides a more responsive coil surface which stimulates blood flow and reduces pressure points.

Their system creates a 100% sleeping surface with excellent stability so you and your partner won't roll together towards the center of the mattress.

They also engineered 27% more support in the center zone of the Jamison mattress where your body needs it the most in order to maintain correct posture.

The company uses their unique polyurethane foam in the comfort layers of their pocketed coil mattresses. They are also available in firm, plush and pillowtop.

Jamison Foam Mattress Line

Jamison also offers a very popular resort quality foam mattress. Over 40 years ago they introduced the first premium foam mattress to the hotel industry - long before the advent of memory foam. They are still considered by some to be one of the finest hotel mattresses in the world.

Their resort foam collection is available in any of the most popular types - Omalon, Visco (memory foam) and Talalay Latex foam. This gives you a wide choice of comfort while maintaining good support.

Jamison Memory Foam Mattress

In their memory foam mattress they use only the highest quality American made visco elastic foam. They also include unique quilting materials for better air circulation.

These mattresses are especially good for people with any kind of back pain. Foam mattresses never need to be turned and personalize themselves to the user.

Jamison offers three levels of memory foam mattresses depending on your price range and the type of sleeping surface you prefer.

Jamison Latex Mattress

The Jamison latex mattress uses only Talalay Latex which is commonly believed to be the best.

Latex is an environmentally safe material and is great for people with allergies. It repels dust mites and is highly resistant to mold, mildew and fungus.

It's believed to provide the best pressure point relief of any type of foam and doesn't sleep hot the way most memory foam does. It's also incredibly durable and lasts much longer than other types of foam.

In conclusion, a Jamison mattress is a major investment but remember, you could spent up to a third of your life sleeping. The quality of that rest determines what you are able to accomplish in the other two thirds.

The Jamison family has been making mattresses for six generations and over a hundred years. They use only the finest materials and test all their products for support and comfort.

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