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King Koil Arlington

We received our $600 bed less than a year ago from BedMart as a replacement for another King Koil ($800) that got so soft we couldn't roll over and ended up with numbness in our arms.

In the last 3-4 months with the replacement mattress we noticed that we were sleeping with our rear ends in a hole. It doesn't matter how often you turn the mattress, because the midpoint is the same either way.

The center of the bed that runs the length between us is still really firm since no one sleeps there. When I pulled off the mattress pad the bed looked like two hammocks surrounding a camel. Very distinct.

Costco had a sale on Sealy mattresses, so we decided to buy one from them knowing that Costco will honor the warranty no matter what. We needed relief ASAP.

We moved the King Koil to a spare room and waited for the BedMart rep to come evaluate the bed. In the two weeks that it sat unused, the top part of the bed fluffed back up, hiding the two hammocks. If you laid on the bed, you could still feel the hammocks, but they weren't obvious from looking at the mattress.

The BedMart rep arrived, pulled out a measurement tool and said our bed was perfect. We stressed it was broken down under the cushion. He said it looked fine and he couldn't take it back. The manufacturer would wonder why. Still, he wouldn't lie on it to see there was no support.

To add to the lack of support from BedMart that exceeded the lack of support of the mattress, he said, "We couldn't do anything anyway because you already bought another mattress." So, buying a mattress from Costco voided their warranty!!!! Really???

Stay away from BedMart and King Koil. Get the Serta from Costco. We get burned every time we buy local and try to support the little guy. Never again.

BMBG replies:
Thanks for posting your review! That last bit about "not being able to do anything because you already bought a new mattress" is really bizarre. We've never heard that one before. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

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