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King Koil Comfort Solutions

by Jimbo
(Saginaw, Mi)

These are a poorly constructed beds made to look like a quality mattress and foundation. We owned our mattress for 1 year when the center started to cave in.

We called Art Van to have a warranty claim filed. The repairman came and measured and said it wasn't deep enough. The warranty would have been a full replacement value then.

6 months later we called Art Van again. This time a repairman came and after some prodding he stated that they are instructed to not allow warranty claims until after the pro-rated warranty starts. He filed the warranty claim and we were instructed to go to our local store to find a new mattress.

We found out they no longer carried the one we had. Then we found out that the old one was pro-rated and we had to pay a large delivery fee.

We received our new mattress and it felt like we were sleeping on a hill. We kept it because we didn't want to incur any other large delivery fees and we thought the hump in the middle may go down with use. It never did.

Then fast forward another year. I was sitting on the bed and all of a sudden it just dropped a couple inches. I climbed off and looked and found out the slats in the foundation all broke at the head of the bed. I used to build foundations for Serta and Sealy so I have knowledge of their construction. I didn't want to deal with Art Scam again and incur the delivery fees and deal with the pro-rated warranty.

I decided to repair the foundation myself. When I disassembled the unit I was in disbelief of the poor construction. We used to build trailer park furniture made of better quality. All of the slats were too short for the frame. There was absolutely no glue used in the assembly and half of the staples missed their mark. The slats were made of poor quality lumber which was full of knots. That is why the foundation failed!!!!

I would never recommend this brand to anyone after what I saw. They use high quality material on the outside where you can see to disguise the use of junk material throughout.

BMBG replies:

Thanks very much for contributing your knowledge of boxspring construction and your experience with your King Koil mattress Jimbo!

It's also beginning to look like Art Van is not a very good place to buy a mattress since we've had several other poor reviews of this retailer posted here.

This is exactly the kind of information we need to help people avoid a nightmare when buying a new mattress.

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