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King Koil Grand Indulgent Pillowtop

by Bob
(Michigan USA)

The mattress is a king size (14x76x80). I bought it 12/13/2008. I paid $2300.00 for it. That included two what they called a foundation (9x38x80) and I had to get a new bed frame. They told me it would take about 90 days for it to break in. I asked the salesman if I had to rotate the mattress and he said no.

I am like the other reviewers - it was great for a while. But then I was sleeping in a big hole that I couldn't get out of. I decided to rotate the bed and that helped for a long time. I have a bad back and this bed wasn't making it any better. Moving this monster around is no easy task. The bed had a big ridge in the center as well the edge of the bed. You see, I asked the salesman if, after a night's sleep, does the bed spring back up and he told me that it did. (WRONG)

So I had enough and I called Art Van and told them my problem and they sent a rep out later in the week to look at it. I live in Michigan and King Koil is made in Michigan, so the rep came from King Koil.

It didn't take the guy two minutes to tell me the bed had failed. He could tell just by the feel. He then took out a string and tied it to his cell phone and ran it across the bed and measured the sags. One side was 4.5" and the other side was 3.25".

He filled out the paper work, stuck it on the side of the bed and told me to call Art Vans to get a new bed on it's way. Now I wish I would have done this a long time ago. So for service I give King Koil and Art Van's an A+.

King Koil's warranty is 20 years. The Rep told me that the warranty does not start over when I receive the new mattress. I thought that was kinda odd. So this new mattress will have 2 years and 4 months on it.

I looked on the web at Art Van's and they don't make that size of a mattress anymore. (14x76x79) I guess it will be an inch shorter. We are going to Art Vans today to look at the mattress. I'm looking forward to today's challenge with the salesman and the store manager. Who knows maybe it will work out OK. I will post later in the year on the next King Koil mattress.

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