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King Koil Pillowtop Mattress

by June
(Blackwater, Queensland, Aust.)

We bought a King Koil medium pillowtop mattress about 12 months ago. My husband had an accident which affected his back, and was spending quite a bit of time laying down.

The pillowtop got a bit wrinkly on his side, until I turned it around. However, overall, we are quite pleased with it so far. It is still very comfortable.

I have been worried about the pillowtop, in the fact that I can't flip the mattress over, and still have the pillowtop. If I flip it over and have the pillowtop on the I damaging the mattress in any way???

BMBG replies:

Unless you know for certain that the mattress is two sided, then it's probably not and can't be flipped at all. Normally a two sided pillowtop mattress would have the pillow on both sides.

Very few companies even produce two sided mattresses any longer. They market one sided mattresses as "no flip" but they don't last as long and some believe it's more of a cost cutting measure than anything else.

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