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Restonic Latex Mattress Review

A Restonic latex mattress harnesses the comfort of natural latex, and combines it with some of the same features of memory foam that people are currently looking for when shopping for a new bed. In your search for a quality mattress, you may find that it provides you with a much less costly option than you would expect for a latex mattress.

The Restonic Latex Mattress uses Talalay latex, which helps to provide a more comfortable rest. Talalay has a softer feel than Dunlop latex which is denser and more firm. The latex is an all natural product, meaning that there is no risk of allergies when sleeping on it unless, of course, you're allergic to latex. Because of the lack of petroleum products, latex is considered a "greener" and more sustainable option than other mattress types.

The comfort of a Restonic Latex Mattress is improved thanks to the absorbent nature of the natural latex, which allows you to sleep without feeling the pressure of coils digging into your back. When you get up in the morning, the natural spring of the latex will simply restore the mattress to its original condition, in a way similar to memory foam, making it a good quality and long lasting product.

In order to enhance support the mattresses were designed to conform to the shape of your body and its contours. This ensures that most people can sleep comfortably at night in the same way as you would on an orthopedic mattress. No matter what shape your spine is, you will find that the latex easily contorts to match your body and provide you with better support as you rest.

Benefits of a Restonic Latex Mattress

Many people end up tossing and turning restlessly as they sleep, and this is caused by the springs in the mattress. The springs place pressure on various parts of the body, reducing effective blood flow and inhibiting proper sleep. Thanks to the spring-free design of the Restonic Latex Mattress, you can sleep comfortably at night without having to worry about any springs poking into your back or side. The latex material reduces pressure on your body which will help you to get a good night's sleep.

Many mattresses use materials which tend to attract dust mites. They can be the cause of allergies, but there is less risk of this when sleeping on a latex mattress. The latex foam rubber is much more resistant to dust mites because they find it an unpleasant environment to live in.

Sometimes your spouse might turn over at night and wake you up. This is caused by the springs moving as they change position. With a latex mattress, there is a fraction of the motion that you would experience with a spring mattress. This means that motion on the bed is barely noticeable, and you can experience a good night's sleep thanks to the fact that any tossing and turning of your partner doesn't affect you.

The cost of a Restonic Latex Mattress is lower than you might expect. You can get a decent queen sized latex mattress for a little under $1,000.

Drawbacks of a Restonic Latex Mattress

The reason these mattresses are cheaper is because they are not completely constructed with latex. It appears that they are hybrids, which only use 4 inches of latex in the top comfort layer that you sleep on. The base layer is made up of various different types of polyurethane foam which is much less expensive. If you're willing to pay more, you can probably get thicker layers of latex as you move up the Restonic Healthrest line.

With a good quality foam support layer, a hybrid can still be quite comfortable. However they probably won't last as long as a mattress with full latex construction. Latex is usually a much more durable material than polyurethane foam and a hybrid may start to sag as the cheaper foam wears out.

Because they're not one hundred percent latex, these mattresses can't be considered as "green" as a more expensive all natural latex mattress. They do contain some petroleum products which aren't as good for the environment.

They also won't be as hypoallergenic. The polyurethane foam may give off a strong odor and cause a reaction in people who are especially sensitive to chemicals.

Restonic Latex Mattress Review - Conclusion

These mattresses can be a good choice for someone who wants to have the experience of sleeping on latex without paying as much as an all latex mattress would cost. Top of the line latex mattresses can be quite expensive and may not be affordable for everyone.

As long as you realize that the mattress only has latex in the top layer, is not all natural, and probably won't last as long, then you have a good chance of being satisfied with your purchase. After all, everyone knows that you usually only get what you pay for.

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