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Let's take an in depth look at Restonic mattresses - namely, their three innerspring product lines: the Restonic ComfortCare mattress, ComfortCare Select, and ComfortCare Airflow. We'll also take a brief look at the Grand Palais and the Restonic Healthrest Magnetic because they can still be found in stores, although it appears they've been discontinued.

The Restonic ComfortCare Mattress

These mattresses have a core that is supposed to be made better than others by increasing its sturdiness. It's the "marvelous middle" that the company has been featuring prominently in their advertising from the very beginning in 1938. By adding extra coils, they create about one quarter more support in the middle of the mattress. It reinforces the area where much of your weight presses down when you're sleeping.

This, of course is meant to prevent the mattress from sagging during the repeated use that it will be subjected to. While this may have been unique in 1938, today it is commonplace and nearly every company offers an innerspring model that is strengthened in this way.

Super Edge Plus

It seems that mattress companies love to come up with exciting names for features that they promote in their products. Another one of these is Restonic's "Super Edge Plus". This is basically a full border of dense heavyweight foam around the perimeter of the mattress. It supports the edge so, for example, you won't bottom out when you sit on the edge of the bed to put your socks on in the morning.

This is just a good basic mattress construction technique that's found in nearly every mid priced innerspring mattress out there including those from Sealy, Simmons, Serta etc. Good quality polyurethane foam isn't expensive so they're able to use something that won't break down quickly and should last the life of the mattress.

Spiralock Technology

The third major feature mentioned in the Restonic ComfortCare mattress line is called their "Spiralock technology". From the photo they provide it looks like a wire coiled tightly around the tops of the coils connecting them together in the spring assembly. Whether it only connects a few coils in one area or runs the entire length of the mattress is unclear.

It is meant to stabilize the surface of the mattress and isolate motion so you won't disturb your significant other when you move around, get up or roll over. Every company addresses this problem in their spring coil mattresses in one way or another and again, it is mattress construction 101. Restonic's take on the solution does appear to be somewhat unique however, or at least we haven't seen it before.

Restonic Mattresses - ComfortCare Select

The ComfortCare Select is the next step up in the line. It has all the features mentioned above except for a few major changes.

Pocketed Coils

First off, the spring coils are encased seperately in cloth sacks. This method of pocketing the coils was first invented by Simmons and appeared in their Beautyrest line in 1920's. Nearly every company makes a model with this feature and it's become a fairly standard technique which usually appears in mid to high end mattresses.

It is more expensive to construct and definitely makes a difference in the way a mattress feels. Because the tops of the coils are not connected to each other they are free to react individually to the differing pressure applied by various parts of your body, as well as by the bodies of others such as your spouse. This should result in better support for both partners with added bonus of providing better motion isolation so you can get up without jolting the other person awake.

Tempered Steel

Another major change in the Select version of the Restonic Comfortcare mattress is that the coils are tempered. This means they've been heated to a high temperature which strengthens the metal and increases durability. It's another common practice in higher quality mattresses and is a desirable feature.

Finally, they claim to have arranged the coils for proper support of the spine. They make no mention of how they do this so we're left wondering if it's just typical promotional mattress speak. If not, then how is it different than the "marvelous middle" that's found in all other Restonic mattresses?

Restonic Mattresses - ComfortCare Airflow

The ComfortCare Airflow is another higher end variation on the basic ComfortCare model but without the pocketed coils. Instead it features their "Airflow Edge" and "Dream Beam Technology".

Airflow Edge

The "Airflow Edge" replaces the "Super Edge Plus". Instead of solid blocks of foam around the perimeter there is a spring assembly reinforced with foam at regular intervals. This is surrounded by a thinner layer of foam which has small channels cut out to allow air circulation inside the mattress. It is meant to not only keep you cooler and more comfortable, but also to keep the inside of the mattress fresh and dry.

This actually sounds like a pretty good idea and could be a real improvement, especially if you tend to sleep hot and sweat a lot. Air circulating inside the mattress would eliminate moisture and keep away the things that like to live in warm, moist environments like mildew and dust mites.

The Dream Beam

Their "Dream Beam Technology" is basically a souped up version of the "marvelous middle". It consists of two long pieces of foam shaped like I-beams. They run through the middle of the mattress in between the rows of springs. They're actually wedged right inside the coils so they must have some effect on the performance of the springs in that area. They claim the beams provide better support in the lumbar area and correct positioning of the spine. It certainly looks interesting and, if it works, could be a pretty neat idea.

All Restonic mattresses are offered with either a tight top or euro box top. There are the two comfort levels of firm and plush. To their credit, they don't appear to make a pillowtop mattress.

Discontinued Restonic Mattresses

The following models appear to have been recently discontinued but we feel they're worth a mention because they can still be found in stores.

Restonic Grand Palais

This mattress has each innerspring coil individually wrapped and tempered. Each coil is tempered to six hundred degrees which will help it "remember" to keep its shape and provide many years of good support. As mentioned above, individually wrapped coils provide better motion separation and increase the chance of a good night's rest for both partners.

The Grand Palais sports the "marvelous middle" of course, as well as different zones for the lumbar area, lower leg, thigh, head and shoulders. All this support is meant to help the body rest better and lessen tossing and turning when trying to find a more comfortable position. It also has the "Superedge Plus" which was disussed above.

Restonic hailed the Grand Palais as one mattress that will enable a great night's sleep because it doesn't cut corners. It was positioned as their higher end luxury mattress. Because they share so many of the same features, we believe it has been replaced by the ComfortCare Select.

Restonic Mattresses - Healthrest Magnetic

Restonic says the Healthrest Magnetic provides the most restorative sleep possible. This line of Restonic mattresses uses concentric magnets from Bioflex. These medical magnets are supposed to relieve pain and improve circulation according to a double blind study at Baylor College of Medicine.

Circulation is increased because the concentric shape of the magnets helps the blood vessels to dilate. This is meant to increase blood flow and help heal painful areas of the body. It's touted as a non-invasive treatment that helps with lower back pain, tendonitis and elbow pain that is safe and non-toxic.

However, there is a major warning with these mattresses. People with pacemakers or other such devices need to avoid magnets, because they will cause them to malfunction.

We have to say that despite the double blind study, we're still highly skeptical of magnetic mattresses and we're not surprised Restonic stopped producing them.


In conclusion, we would say that if you disregard the magnetic mumbo jumbo, innerspring Restonic mattresses are definitely worth a look. They're relatively inexpensive compared to other brands and offer some interesting innovations.

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