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Restonic Memory Foam Mattress Review

A Restonic memory foam mattress might be an interesting alternative for those looking for the benefits of memory foam without the high price tag.

Is there a single reason why memory foam is so popular among consumers? No, there is no single, universal reason. There are several and that's a good thing. All of the benefits lead to one conclusion: you can end up having a restful night's sleep.

So, what exactly are you able to get out of a Restonic memory foam mattress? Here are some of the major benefits this particular style of mattress is able to deliver:

Basically, a memory foam mattress is intended to match your body's own contour. When you lie down on the mattress, your body weight will press into the mattress and a new shape will be molded based on your form. This is certainly beneficial to those who are bothered by the unevenness of their mattress and other common discomforts of a lumpy old innerspring bed.

Because memory foam acts as though its custom tailored to each individual, you should find yourself experiencing a rather calm and relaxing night's sleep. And yes, every Restonic memory foam mattress that rolls off the proverbial assembly line should offer the same benefit to anyone regardless of their shape and size. In addition, memory foam mattress are often used in adjustable beds because of their ability to bend with out breaking.

Restonic Memory Foam Mattress Models

There are two different models currently offered by Restonic: the Healthrest memory foam mattress and the Healthrest Tempagel mattress. Both offer all the well known benefits of memory foam when compared to traditional coiled spring mattresses. These include reduced pressure points, better blood circulation, proper spinal alignment, and good motion isolation in order to avoid disturbing your significant other.

For the outer covering of the mattress both models use the space age Outlast fabric. This material was originally developed by NASA to help regulate the body temperature of astronauts in flight. It's unique ability to help keep your sleeping environment from becoming to hot or too cold make it the perfect material for use with a memory foam mattress.

This is because one of the well known and common problems with memory foam is that it tends to sleep hot, absorbing your body heat and causing some people to sweat and have to throw off their covers. This Outlast material has a well documented track record and we believe that it actually works quite well.

Both models use Restonic's "Thermocule" open cell memory foam which they claim "has the best heat dissipation in the industry, eliminating temperature control issues".

First off let's take a look at the word "Thermocule". This is one of those strange made up words used as brand names that we often find in mattress speak. In this case it looks like some sort of witty combination of the words "thermal" and "molecule" in an attempt to convey the idea the their memory foam will keep you cooler than others. They claim that their "Thermocule" allows better air ventilation through the foam, thus increasing breathability and making you feel cooler.

In addition, stating that they use open cell memory foam is not really helpful since virtually all memory foam is open cell by definition. So, does all this really mean anything? We'll leave it up to you to decide.

Now, we're highly skeptical of any claims that they've completely "eliminated temperature control issues." The issue of memory foam trapping heat is one of its biggest flaws and is tied to the very nature of the material itself. This makes it a very tough problem to fix.

Some companies have better success reducing the problem than others, but to our knowledge no one has yet been able to overcome it completely. Plus, why would they need the Outlast fabric in the outer covering of the Restonic memory foam mattress if their "Thermocule" visco elastic foam doesn't have any heat issues?

Restonic Healthrest Tempagel

The main difference in the two Restonic memory foam mattress models is the type of visco foam used. The Healthrest Tempagel uses a new type of gel memory foam that is supposed to sleep cooler and provide better support and pressure relief than regular memory foam.

This gel memory foam appears to be the next big thing in the world of mattresses and a lot of companies have been promoting it lately. From what we've seen it looks like blue memory foam containing thousands of tiny blue beads made out of gel. They say the little blue beads increase breathability of the material and that the extra airflow reduces the tendency of memory foam to trap heat.

Restonic's gel memory foam looks very similar to other products currently being sold, such as the Serta Gel Memory Foam Mattress found at Sam's Club and the Novaform Gel Memory Foam mattress at Costco. There aren't a lot of companies that produce quality memory foam priced more reasonably than Tempurpedic, so we suspect that many of these brands are getting their foam from the same place to use in their beds. It's probably safe to assume that the qualities of this blue gel memory foam are quite similar between products.

Many people seem very pleased with the product. They say the usual foam smell dissipates quickly and that it really does feel cooler than traditional memory foam but are still warmer than a regular spring or latex mattress.

People who like a firmer mattress seem thrilled with the product and say they provide better support, are not too squishy and increase blood circulation. They like the extra firmness, stating that it allows you to move around more easily because you don't sink in as much. They say they're waking up feeling well refreshed and pain free.

However, people that don't prefer a firm mattress are not pleased with the product at all. They say it feels hard as a rock and causes them to wake up with all sorts of aches and pains. This is the main complaint we see voiced about this blue gel memory foam. These people are in the minority, probably consisting of a quarter to a third of consumers.

So it seems to be somewhat of a trade-off between qualities in the foam. Memory foam is known for being a firm product in general and gel memory foam appears to be a little firmer than usual while sleeping cooler and supporting the body evenly.

Restonic Memory Foam Mattress Conclusions

In conclusion, many of the reviews for these mattresses have been positive ones. Consumers have spoken highly about these mattresses. For example, the quality discount distributor has noted its customers frequently rate their gel memory foam mattresses at four stars or more.

Our thoughts on the product are that if you live in a warmer climate and like a very firm memory foam mattress then you might very well pleased with the Tempagel. If you prefer a soft plush mattress then you probably wouldn't be happy with a Restonic memory foam mattress, especially if you live in a colder climate.

Also, Restonic is known for selling less expensive mattresses, so if you're on a tight budget you might be able to find a great deal at a mattress sale. However you have to keep in mind that they probably won't last as long as a more expensive product.

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