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Spring Air Mattresses Product Line

Spring Air mattresses offer consumers numerous choices for innerspring beds. Almost all of their products use coiled springs so if you're looking for a Spring Air memory foam mattress then you're out of luck.

At one time they offered an expensive latex mattress called Nature's Rest but they seem difficult to find now and we're not sure if they've been discontinued. They do, however, use memory foam and latex foam layers in combination with innersprings in many of their products. Anyone looking for a traditional spring bed should be able to find a mattress to suit their taste. All Spring Air mattresses come with a 10 year warranty.

Spring Air Back Supporter Mattress

In the Spring Air Back Supporter mattress line people can find what they need for their bodies and backs. It's divided into several different collections which gradually increase in price and features. They are: the Back Supporter Merit, Lustre, Grand Euro Top, Legend and Conrad collections (names may vary from store to store).

The mattresses in this line have extra coil support along with many layers of foam. This removes any points that can cause pressure on the body, therefore providing a better night's sleep. The higher end Back Supporter mattresses use various layers of memory foam and latex in their design.

They come in the usual comfort choices of plush, firm, pillow top and euro box top. These Spring Air beds are available in the regular mattress sizes of twin, full, queen, king and California king.

All of their mattress box springs have steel and wood Extended-Life Foundations constructed with heavy-gauge steel and quality timber. The Semi-Flex design will give slightly to form an energy absorbing foundation that lessens motion transfer and increases durability.

Features Of Back Supporter Spring Air Mattresses

Comfort Flex foam is the main type of foam used in the comfort layer of these Spring Air mattresses. It's a quality, high-density and long lasting polyurethane foam similar to that used in most beds today. It's designed to conform to your shape and provide the proper support for a restful night.

Luxuriance Plus anti-microbial fibers are used for allergy control and are incorporated into the quilt panels in the upholstery. They're fire resistant Kevlar fibers which inhibit the growth of bacteria and dust mites and while increasing breathability.

A Back Support foam insulator pad is used in between the comfort layer and the support layer to enhance support of the coil unit and reduce body impressions.

Dual Performance Edge Cups are used to prevent roll off and extend the usable surface. They consist of high density foam in certain places around the edges of the innerspring unit and on all corners. They provide a solid seating edge and help slow the breakdown of the mattress.

Activ-Coil Tempered Steel springs are meant to mold to the weight of the sleeper but still hold their shape. Heat tempering improves coil strength and reduces sagging. They're supposed to give better support and reduce pressure points.

They use a Zoned Construction which places the innerspring coils closer together in the middle of the mattress. This is meant to reflect body density and provide better support for the hips and lumbar area.

Spring Air Four Seasons Mattress

The Spring Air Four Seasons Mattress Collection is the company's more upscale line meant to give the consumer the best in comfort and quality. It builds on the basic construction of the Back Supporter line, sharing similar features but adding more expensive materials in various places.

For instance, Four Seasons mattresses have coils that are individually wrapped in order to provide support unique to each partner and reduce motion transfer. They also have several extra layers of latex and foam to give the body more comfort and support.

The Four Seasons mattress uses Spring Air's 9" Zoned and Tempered Power Coil which they claim to be the first ever one-sided coil specifically designed for a one-sided no flip mattress.

They come in euro top, pillow top, plush, and firm support models. They're available in the typical mattress sizes of twin, full, queen, king and California king.

Features Of Four Seasons Spring Air Mattresses

ComfortFlex and Tri-Zone Conforma Foam are used which have different densities of foam in different areas to create more ergonomic support.

Cashmere Comfort fibers have been added to the Luxuriance Plus Antimicrobial Fibers mentioned earlier.

Additional premium Nature's Rest latex is used in the center for lumbar support. It also conforms more quickly to pressure and helps prevent normal wear and tear.

Center Zoned Tempered Power Coils are used in the spring unit. They are a high-profile 9" pocketed coil exclusive to Spring Air mattresses. They use "Graduated Pitch Technology" which is specially constructed for no flip beds and are quite different than traditional springs.

The top part of the coil flexes with the upholstery, not against it, which extends mattress life. The middle uses an increased pitch which strengthens the coil overall. The bottom has a larger base with an even steeper pitch for less motion and better foundation stability.

The innerspring unit is also zoned with stronger coils in the middle in order to match the normal body's weight.

Their Foam Encased Wireless Edge has 3" blocks of high density Poly foam around the entire perimeter of the mattress to create a strong seating edge, edge-to-edge surface support, and slow the natural breakdown of the mattress.

Super Soft Conforma Zone Memory Foam is used between the comfort layers and the support layers. It's high quality 5 lb visco-elastic memory foam which supports the whole body and is zoned to reflect areas of greater pressure.

Spring Air's Extended Life Base Foam is placed beneath the innersprings to create a stronger base. It is meant to allow the coils to function better and increase ergonomic support.

Spring Air Nature's Rest Latex Pillows

Along with the various types of Spring Air mattresses mentioned here the company also produces pillows. The Nature's Rest selection of pillows is made with all-natural latex which is biodegradable so they are eco-friendly. These pillows are designed to give the right amount of support to keep pressure from occurring that interferes with sleep. They come with a 5 year warranty.

Features of Nature's Rest Pillows

Made of natural latex foam with custom molded support zones.

Good for both back and stomach sleepers.

Latex helps regulate temperature and reduce high pressure areas giving better pressure relief compared to other foam pillows.

Hypoallergenic anti-microbial design.

Pillows do not need continual re-shaping and fluffing because of the properties of rubber latex foam.

Washable cover made from cotton velour.

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