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Stearns and Foster Mattresses

Stearns and Foster mattresses are the luxury line offered by the Sealy Corporation which is the one of the biggest mattress producers in the world. There are three different series that fall under this brand name. They include the Traditional, the Stearns and Foster Silver Dream and the Stearns and Foster Golden Elegance.

Some of the model names they can be found under include Claybrook, Rosalie, Darlington, Lucas Park, Oasis and Deacon Ridge. Unfortunately, these change from store to store and also from year to year so they're not very useful for making comparisons.

Stearns and Foster Latex Mattress

All of the company's offerings use innersprings as the means of support so there is no Stearns and Foster latex mattress or memory foam line as you typically see with other brands. However latex and memory foam are available as options in the comfort layer of each of their beds.

While the brand's most basic offering is the Traditional series, the level of complexity, luxuriousness and price grows with the Silver Dream and is finally topped off with the Golden Elegance. Because of this, the Silver Dream contains all the features of the Traditional and the Golden Elegance has all the features of both. Here is a detailed analysis of each of these Stearns and Foster mattresses.

There are four levels of comfort offered in the company's beds:

  • Firm - the most support and least cushioning of all comfort levels.
  • Cushion Firm - still offering firm support but with some extra padding.
  • Plush - a soft, comfortable mattress that still has good support but is not as hard as a firm.
  • Ultra Plush - surrounds one in comfort, often with a pillowtop design, while offering good support.

Stearns and Foster Traditional

The Traditional series by Stearns and Foster is the most basic offering in their product line. However, when you're discussing luxury mattresses, even the entry level models have advanced features and are somewhat expensive. Unlike most, the customer actually gets to choose the various options in Stearns and Foster Mattresses. It will then be custom made for them at the factory.

Design choices

The customer is allowed to make a choice between two upholstery color designs. The first of these is the "rich caramel hue" made up of silk infused fabric woven in a way to create the quality of lushness. The other option is the "rich mocha hue" which is a mix of cashmere knit fabrics and embroidery framed by micro suede.

The integration of eight reinforced handles that won't break like those on less expensive products is also worth mentioning.

Variable Response Technology

The VRT's primary purpose is to make the mattress as comfortable as possible while still supporting the sleeper. The supersoft foam with VRT helps make the mattress more responsive by providing support where your body needs it the most in a gentle and supple manner.


The innersprings are very important components of Stearns and Foster mattresses. A heavier gauge (thicker) wire is used and the steel is tempered twice in order to make them stronger and more durable. The company gives the customer a choice between the individually wrapped coil system and the intellicoil system.

The former is a simple pocketed coil, found in more advanced mattresses, that supports the body by responding individually to it's shape. Because the springs aren't connected, as they are in other systems, they don't transfer motion across the bed.

The latter is a technology found only in Stearns and Foster mattresses. It consists of a spring within a spring, wound continuously from one wire, for double support and comfort. The limited edition Silver Dream and Golden Elegance are available only with this more advanced intellicoil system.

Edge system

These mattresses also boast of a foam liner which makes the mattresses' comfort uniform even at their edges. However, this is typical mattress construction found on most middle to high end models. The foam encasement also serves to reinforce the edge where people often sit.

Box spring

The box spring is crucial to the life of a mattress in that it extends it significantly while, at the same time, making it more comfortable. All Stearns and Foster mattresses have a box spring system. Continuing the company's emphasis on appearance, even the box springs have optional fabric designs.

Stearns and Foster Silver Dream

The Silver Dream mattress from Stearns and Foster is a limited edition offering that includes some very luxurious features.

New Zealand joma wool

New Zealand joma wool is used to provide more comfort to the customer in terms of durability and resilience, natural insulation and humidity control.

Natural latex

A 2 inch layer of latex foam is used to make them more breathable and also to give more conforming support.

Cashmere infused woven fabric

Cashmere is one of the most luxurious materials on the planet. Stearns and Foster mattresses use silver toned jumbo patterned cashmere fabric.

Hand tufted finish

The hand tufted finish is simply a design feature in the surface upholstery that allows all of these mattresses to be exceptionally beautiful.

Cotton and wool blend

The blend of cotton and wool used in Stearns and Foster mattresses combines the beneficial qualities of each material. Hence, the bedding will breathe, provide support and is soft and resilient.

Stearns and Foster Golden Elegance

The most luxurious offering from the company is the Golden Elegance model. It contains some extremely advanced features with respect to sophistication and exquisiteness.

White cashmere and white wool blend

The Stearns and Foster Golden Elegance improves upon the silver dream by the inclusion of white wool, which is another high end fabric.

Natural rubber latex

This model has 3 inches of latex in the comfort layer which is an inch more than the Silver Dream.

Cashmere, silk or merino wool infused woven fabric

The Golden Elegance boasts of cashmere, silk and merino wool infused woven fabric. These materials are well known throughout the world for their luxuriousness.


Last but not least, horsehair is used in Golden Elegance Stearns and Foster mattresses because it provides support while, simultaneously, dealing with moisture and humidity within the mattress.

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