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Therapedic Memory Foam Mattress

If you're in the market for a new Therapedic memory foam mattress, here is a look at the different models and mattress toppers available from the company.

A mattress plays an important role in the quality of your sleep. If you frequently spend nights tossing and turning and wake up grouchy due to lack of sleep; it may be time to invest in a new mattress.

While a high quality product does not come cheap, you need to understand that memory foam mattresses can last up to 10 years, making them a long term investment and greatly mitigating the cost of the product. Another problem that buyers have to contend with is the sheer number of the products available in the category.

Therapedic Memory Foam Mattress - Memory Touch Line


These mattresses are among the most affordable yet comfortable products offered by Therapedic memory foam mattress range.

The Sunrise mattress has a 3" visco-elastic foam upper layer that supports the body from head to toe; conforming to the contours and reducing pressure on areas prone to soreness such as the hips, neck, back and feet etc.

The upper layer is followed by 6" of high density poly base that give the mattress a sturdy feel and prevent the top layer of memory foam from sagging. Together the two layers make the mattress durable without being too firm.

The mattress is covered with Therapedic velour cover for extra softness and comfort that you can only get from a bedcover without the top seam.

All Therapedic memory foam mattresses are available with matching foundation and a 10 year non prorated warranty. Sunrise mattresses are available in twin to king sizes with a price tag of $1,299 to $2,399.


From the same line as the Sunrise mattresses, the Sunset range comes with similar features including the top layer of memory foam that helps in temperature and pressure control.

This unique material; a NASA discovery, helps the mattress to conform to the shape of the body reducing pressure on the muscles and preventing the disruption of blood flow. It also helps to maintain the temperature of the body, ensuring peaceful sleep.

However, the top layer of memory foam has to be supported by a denser material. The Sunset range uses 6 inches of high density poly base which gives the mattress an even feel and strength to support your body.

The Sunset models come with a Channel quilt terry cover that is both durable and comfortable.

Available in sizes ranging from twin to king, these mattresses will cost you in the range of $1,299 to $3,299 and come with a 10 year prorated warranty.


A member of the Therapedic memory foam mattress range, the Dawn line is among their high-end products that combine comfort with aesthetic appeal and durability.

The mattress is constructed in several distinct layers starting with 6 inches of high density poly base that provides support for the upper layers.

This is followed by a 3 inch layer of memory foam; the visco-elastic material helps the mattress to conform to the contours of your body within a few seconds. Since visco elastic has open air chambers, it exert very little pressure on the body, helping to regulate blood flow in the protruding areas such as the buttocks, back, elbows, balls of the feet and calf muscles.

The third layer is made from 0.75" of extra soft foam for added comfort. This mattress is well suited for people who are susceptible to back pain when sleeping on firm mattresses.

The last two layers comprise of 1 inch quilt flex and 1.25 oz Dacron, a synthetic fiber that is resilient to abrasion and bleach, followed by a tack and jump quilted cover.

Like the other mattresses from the company, the Dawn range also comes with matching foundation; ten year prorated warranty and is available in twin to king sizes. These mattresses are priced at $1,499 to $2,599.


The Twilight mattresses are among the most expensive products offered by the company. However, the increasing number of positive reviews about this mattress goes to prove that most consumers found the product well worth the cost.

Made from 6 inches of high density poly base that renders support to 3 inches of memory foam; the mattress is designed to be sturdy yet comfortable.

The visco-elastic top layer helps to guarantee a peaceful night's sleep as it reduces the force on key pressure points. So, if you often wake up with headaches and a sore neck, this mattress will be appropriate for you.

Memory foam helps to regulate the body temperature and does not restrict blood flow, making the mattress very comfortable.

The third layer comprises of 0.75 inches of soft foam for added comfort. This is followed by 2" of quilt flex and a top layer of Dacron, together these layers will provide you the feel of sleeping in luxury.

The Twilight range is available with the luxurious Eurobox pillow top, matching foundation and a ten year prorated warranty.

The product is available in twin to king sizes and prices vary from $1,699 to $2,999.

Therapedic Memory Foam Mattress - Kathy Ireland Home

J Du J

The J-Du-J line of the Kathy Ireland Home range helps you to get the look of a garden in spring inside the bedroom through the use of vibrant colors and garden themed designs. It is also one of the most cost effective and affordable ranges of Therapedic Memory Foam Mattresses.

European Country Royal Trellis

This mattress has an all foam construction for sturdy support and a top layer of memory foam. It is constructed through the use of 7-zone convoluted foam known to provide added comfort and durability.

The layer of visco memory foam enhances comfort as it adjusts to the weight and shape of your body, providing the right amount of support to your back and head while taking the pressure away from the joints.

Since visco foam also has temperature regulating properties, you can sleep restfully.

The range is available in twin to king sizes and is priced at a modest $800 to $1,400.

Americana Style Garden Dreams

This mattress is has a complete foam design which not only gives it the required sturdiness but also provides support to the top memory foam layer.

The all foam construction helps to keep dust mites, allergies, mildew and bacterial at bay. The material is hypo allergenic and while there will be some amount of chemical odor associated with new foam in the beginning; it quickly dissipates with mattress use.

The top layer is made of visco-elastic foam that fits the body contour due to its open air pocket construction.

This allows you to sleep more comfortably. The material also regulates temperature and promotes proper blood circulation throughout the body.

These mattresses are available from twin to king sizes and cost in the range of $1000 to $1,650.

Therapedic Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

Therapedic memory foam mattresses have earned some very positive consumer reviews and high ratings on several websites, confirming the quality of their products. Most customers were happy with their purchase and echoed the sentiment that the mattresses were comfortable enough to justify the cost.

They also mentioned the mattresses are thicker than those offered by some other brands, so they're heavier and you will need to purchase larger sheets.

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