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We've scoured the web to bring you information on Jamison mattress reviews. They're one of the less well known brands so it was a little difficult but we did manage to find enough comments from actual owners.

These are the only reviews we include in our research because we don't think someone's opinion is worth much unless they actually have experience with the product. Alright, on to our findings then...

When you consider the hard times that many people are struggling with today it's not surprising that everyone's thinking about saving money. People are being much more careful about what they buy and how much money they spend. But there comes a line that shouldn't have to be crossed, and that line is our personal comfort.

What kind of mattress can you buy without depleting your retirement fund? Is that even possible? Fortunately it is very possible to get a good Jamison foam mattress at a reasonable price.

Jamison is a name that has been around for more than a century, and it's the fourth largest commercial mattress creator in the United States. What makes them so great? Well it's pretty simple - they've been providing bedding for all brands of hotels, motels, and luxury resorts around the world since 1883. Their customers include some of the biggest players in the hotel industry.

Among their many accomplishments they have a long history with Marriot Corporation and have supplied Best Western and the Holiday Inn just to name a few.

They make their resort quality foam from polyurethane which recovers quite a bit faster than other types of foam. For you this means that you won't be sinking to the bottom of the mattress just because you tried to move three inches in the middle of the night. It also has good air circulation so it stays nice and cool unlike some types of visco elastic foam which retain body heat.

Jamison produced their first premium quality foam mattresses for the hotel industry over 40 years ago - long before anyone had ever heard of those Swedish astronauts and their memory foam.

For complete information on their various models click here: Jamison mattress.

Their most popular models are the same as the Jamison Marriot mattress and you can test them out by staying at the hotel. Just look under the sheets at the label to make sure you're actually sleeping on Jamison bedding.

This is very convenient because you usually only get to lie on a mattress in the showroom for a few minutes which is not nearly long enough to tell if you're going to like it.

These resort quality foam mattresses are much cheaper because they are not made from rubber latex. While latex is an excellent material for bedding, the rubber must be harvested from trees and go through a long manufacturing process that can cost quite a bit. A Jamison latex mattress is available but we couldn't find enough reviews to make a report on them and they would of course be more expensive.

Comments In Jamison Mattress Reviews

After looking through numerous Jamison mattress reviews we found that there was no one that really hated them. Apparently they are so comfortable that there are very few negative things to say regarding them. This is very peculiar because usually with any product there are complaints, but they seem to be the exception to the rule.

The only negative comments we could find were that some people found they felt too hard. However, this is a common issue with foam mattresses, especially memory foam. To people that are used to a traditional innerspring mattress the foam initially feels more firm and takes some getting used too. But after a while many people report actually coming to like it better.

Conclusions From Jamison Mattress Reviews

That said, based on the Jamison mattress reviews we would recommend them to just about anyone. This isn't just on the basis that the mattress is comfortable, though that's certainly a big factor. It's also because it is economical.

Jamison mattress prices are lower than other brands because they don't have to spend a lot of money on advertising. With their hotel contracts they have a steady source of business anyway. They'd rather invest the money into the quality of their products which is a great thing for the consumer. Considering how tight money is these days it's nice that a company has created a bed that will keep families comfortable while allowing them to pay their electric bill.

The excellent Jamison mattress durability is another big plus in favor of the product. If they can stand up to heavy use in a hotel then they should last a long time in your home where they will probably be better cared for.

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