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The Kingsdown mattress reviews that we've found online from actual owners have been mixed at best. This is true of most traditional innerspring mattresses however - it's fairly rare to find a brand with consistently good comments.

Kingsdown hasn't yet offered any memory foam mattresses, they pretty much stick to coiled springs in their support layers. It seems they're leaving the visco elastic foam market to the big players like Tempurpedic for now.

The company does make one latex mattress model that has received good press but it's only for the adjustable bed that they offer. This was probably necessary because rubber latex foam will bend properly without being damaged.

If you've been to any of the big mattress chains like Sleepy's it's likely you've had Kingsdown mattresses introduced to you by the employees.

A lot of the complaints we've seen have been from people who bought them there at the recommendation of a salesperson.

Kingsdown invented a "Dormo Diagnostic" sleep machine where you can lay down and test which mattress fits you best. The machine will give you a range such as the Sleep To Live (green) model or Sleep To Live (blue) model, based on how you answer certain questions.

The big stores like to use this on customers because it makes for an impressive display - especially to those folks who know absolutely nothing about mattresses. However we're somewhat skeptical as to whether the DormoDiagnostics system is actually useful or just a gimmick.

There's a reason that the salespeople at the large mattress store chains push lesser known brands like Kingsdown - they have higher profit margins. The top name brands are priced much more competitively because so many more are sold and they're easier to shop around for because you can find them almost anywhere.

It's the employees job to sell you the mattress that makes them the most money. What's best for you is usually not even a consideration for them. You're better off buying a mattress from a small family owned business where the service is more personalized. Usually they'll actually try to help you find something that fits your needs so you'll be happy and become a repeat customer.

Positive Kingsdown Mattress Reviews

This isn't necessarily to say that the company makes poor products. Many Kingsdown mattress reviews are positive and reveal that people buy them because they have lower pricing than comparable Sealy and Serta models. Kingsdown has been making mattresses for more than 100 years, but they specialize in offering a lower priced innerspring mattress.

The most popular models are the Kingsdown Body System mattress, the Kingsdown Plush Sense and the Kingsdown ProEdge. They have improved the models by constructing the innersprings to move independently of each other. This helps avoid pressure points and make the mattress less sensitive to your partner's movements so you won't be disturbed. The Pro edge model has a steel reinforced perimeter that maintains the crisp shape of the mattress edges.

Kingsdown Mattress Prices

The most common reasons people like them are the Kingsdown mattress prices and the inner spring coil systems that reduce pressure points. For a reasonable price, most of the positive reviews mention that pressure points are relieved which gives you a better night's sleep.

The lower end models will run several hundred dollars, while some of the higher end mattresses can cost several thousand.

Those that have the higher priced lines seem to absolutely love them, while those that have purchased the mattresses under $1000 tell a different story.

Complaints In Kingsdown Mattress Reviews

The most common complaints we've found are that some people say they start sagging in the middle or on the side where the heaviest person sleeps in just a matter of weeks. This seems to be related to the lower priced mattresses. In most cases the people who experience the sagging are not that heavy - maybe 125 pounds to 175 pounds.

This could also be because people often buy pillow top models with too much cushioning. These tend to develop body impressions very quickly because the extra padding compresses compared to a regular mattress.

The other complaint that seems to be primarily about the lower priced models is that some people wake up with pain in the back and shoulders. Some report a feeling of rolling towards the middle of the mattress when sleeping with a partner. It seems that the inner coil construction is superior in the higher priced models and not so great in the lower priced ones.

Best Mattress Buying Guide Recommendations

Based on the Kingsdown mattress reviews we would recommend trying the Dormo diagnostic sleep machine and maybe consider the higher priced mattresses in the line.

However you should probably avoid pillowtop models in general because they often develop annoying body impressions very quickly and the warranty will not cover these. Good luck getting your money back from a big chain like Sleepy's if you're unsatisfied for this reason.

Kingsdown Mattress Reviews - It's Worth Spending More

We would also recommend that you avoid purchasing a discount Kingsdown mattress from one of these stores. Often the reason for a discount is that the mattresses have been returned because they have been found to be defective. Even if they were just returned because the customer didn't like them - do you really want a mattress that's been slept on in someone's home?

In conclusion, most Kingsdown mattress reviews seem to be mixed. It seems the majority of problems are associated with the more affordable models and it could be a case of "you get what you pay for".

The other thing to consider is that everybody is different when it comes to mattress comfort levels, so some individuals might not like the higher priced models, and may actually prefer the lower priced ones.

If you sleep with a partner, connected inner spring construction can determine how a mattress will sleep in some of the cheaper models.

Finding the right mattress is mainly a matter of getting the softness or firmness right for your personal comfort. This can be a problem if your partner has a different preference. For that reason, they do make a model that is separated in the center called the Body Duet. For more information on this model and others check out our article on the various Kingsdown mattresses.

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What Other Visitors Have Said

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