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Kingsdown Sleep To Live

by Mary

NEVER, EVER purchase a Kingsdown. I have had the worst experience of my life. I am on my second mattress with no end in sight. I have never had a problem before. We purchased a mattress for over $3,000 and it is a piece of junk.

Absolutely no support on the edges or anywhere - you fall off, your head droops, and it's so lumpy. I am at a loss as to my next step. Lawyers, the people who sell these do not care about you, just the commission.

I tried the machine which ended up at 3-4. I believe it was not explained that my mattress would have two different sides. I also didn't know the first mattress would be a 3-2 sent by mistake, just found that out now. I am sick about this money wasted. I still don't have a clue where I should look next.

I certainly can't keep this bed as you literally fall off unless you hang on to the middle, and your neck and legs take a beating. It totally droops everywhere. So buyer beware, they are only selling to you to make the commission.... Good luck to you finding a comfortable mattress!!!!!!

P.S. - It is supposed to have this new pocket coil spring which is designed to support you better. Not so... I have had it 4 days and it's just like the other one I purchased a week ago.


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