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Kingsdown XLP - Exquisite Cloud King Size

by Jeff Kong
(Albany CA)

We bought this mattress in 2004, it felt like a heavenly bed when we tested in the store. We bought this for $1700 including mattress, box spring and frame. This one has a thick pillowtop.

However, only a year later, my wife and I both felt that it was sagging in the middle. My wife is about 100 lb and I am 190 lb. We have to move it so we can sleep on the other end and even flip it to gain support for our back. It's so bad. I absolutely hate it!

The other queen size we bought,(Sleeping Beauty) without a pillowtop, is nice and we've never had any problems. The other issue with the thick pillowtop is that it feels very hot and stuffy in the summertime. The mattress is sticking to every inch of our skin, although it feels good in cold winter weather.

Overall, I have never seen a new mattress go bad in one year's time with such a high price! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM, YOU WILL REGRET IT AND YOUR BACK IS GOING TO KILL YOU!

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Dec 20, 2011
Crappy Kingsdown Bed
by: Anonymous

We got this bed in about 2002. We paid $2000 for frame, box spring and heavy a@@ mattress with pillow top. Sheets are expensive to buy.

But you think if you pay $2000.00 it will last for years to come. My wife is 110lbs and I am 170. Our bed looks like a big heavy bear slept in it.

Back then life was great. Everybody made money and gas was cheap. It was our first bed together and I had trouble sleeping. It's now 2012 in a few days. We still have it and tried to put a pad on it but then the sheets don't fit.

I called them after like 3 years and told them about our size and how you can't sleep next to each other or you roll into each other and your arm or leg will fall asleep.

We got the most expensive bed they had in stock, credit was grand back then. We tried to get it replaced but we had no mattress tag on it. It came that way. Why would I rip it off? It's against the law LOL.... But I never saw one on it at all when we got it.

We sent pictures and it's bad but they couldn't replace it. $2,000, and after a few years its the worst thing in the world. Never buy a Kingsdown - any model. Imagine how crappy the cheap ones will be.

We are under 290 lbs together and we got the big cal king. We are so far apart when we sleep and we can't get close or we roll away from each other. The bed sucks. Never again. I would rather buy a Walmart bed. Never spend this much on a crappy bed.

I had a broken back in '98 and was paralyzed for weeks. That's why I put out that much money for the bed. But after this long I think it did more damage then ever. Thanks Kingsdown for a crappy product and the worst back pain I have ever had.

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