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Original Mattress Factory California King Pillow Top

by Dan Walunis

Our water bed sprang a leak in 1985. We had to purchase a new mattress to fit in our waterbed frame.

We toured the Original Mattress Factory and observed how they produced their product. After comparing the springs and comfort/price to all the other manufacturers we were sold on buying one there.

Now 23 years later. After the kids have moved out we could finally afford a new bedroom set and we are going with a queen sized bed. It is time to buy a new mattress again.

We are buying a new mattress not because the one we bought from the Original Mattress Factory has worn out but because we are buying a different sized bed. Tonight is the last night we are going to sleep on our mattress.

Man, have I been doing research on mattresses, and I only hope that the new mattress we buy is half as good as the one we bought from the Original Mattress Factory. I almost bought a Sealy Posturepedic but have reconsidered due to many factors.

I will be picking up my queen sized mattress and boxspring from the OMF before my new bed is delivered. WE ARE VERY HAPPY with the our experience with a superior product. I will be missing my old mattress none the less.

BMBG replies:
Dan, that's amazing that your mattress lasted 23 years and is still going strong! Especially since it's a pillowtop, which are notorious for having problems develop over time.

It really speaks to the quality of the product being sold by the Original Mattress Factory. We think you made the right decision sticking with the company that hasn't let you down. Here's to 23 more years of sleeping satisfaction!

Thanks for sharing you experience with us, every bit of info helps our visitors to make better purchasing decisions.

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