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We've done the work for you; researching Original Mattress Factory reviews at all the major consumer review websites. Read on to find out why this is one of the fastest growing brands in the business.

Product Line Overview

The Original Mattress Factory has a complete line of mattresses in all the usual sizes. Their classic spring mattresses come in four different grades, Classic, Legacy, Regency and Orthopedic. The thickness, quality and price increase incrementally.

The higher end mattresses have additional layers of foam and pillow top features as well as heavier gauge coil springs with more effective designs. They also manufacture and sell both a foam (not memory foam) and a latex mattress.

The company offers mid to low end priced mattresses. The come with a 10 to 12 year warranty and can be purchased as a single mattress or in sets that include a box spring. The warranties on their higher end mattresses are non-prorated.

For more information on the different models see: Original Mattress Company Product Line.

Original Mattress Factory Reviews - The Good

Double Sided

Their mattresses are finished on both sides, something which has become quite rare. They're designed to be flipped which they recommend you do periodically. This effectively doubles the life of the mattress, increasing value for the dollar.


One of the things that set this company apart from others is that they only sell direct to the consumer, maintaining their own stores. This allows them to have much greater control over how their products are presented and the behavior of the sales people.

Part of the company's philosophy is that they try to educate the consumer rather than just sell them the product with the highest profit margin. You won't find any of the high pressure sales tactics that you run into at the big retail chains like Sleepy's.

There are only two places you can purchase their mattresses - at one of their 11 factory locations or at one of their showrooms. If you travel to one of the factories you can tour the plant and actually watch mattresses being constructed.

They also have displays with cut away views showing exactly what goes into their products and comparing them with the other well known brands. This is a refreshing change in a business that often seems shrouded in mystery. Most people have no idea what a mattress is made of and therefore don't have any basis for making a purchasing decision.

It's also been reported in Original Mattress Factory reviews that the service is very prompt and you can be in and out quickly if you know what you want before you get there.


We've found that most customers list price as one the reasons they choose this brand in Original Mattress Factory reviews. The company claims to be eliminating the middleman by selling direct to the consumer and overall their prices do appear to be among the lowest you can find. And since they're finished on both sides, chances are good they'll last longer than a "no flip" mattress of similar quality from other leading brands.


Original Mattress Factory reviews show people are quite happy with the selection. The company offers every type of innerspring mattress out there as well as foam and latex foam beds. The only thing they don't appear to offer at this time is a memory foam model. They will even take orders for custom sized mattresses to go in recreational vehicles, antique bed frames etc...


The vast majority of owners appear to be very happy with the long-term comfort of their mattresses.

Original Mattress Factory Reviews - The Bad


Because the company doesn't sell through independent retailers they are limited to distribution through their own factories and showrooms. They're based in Ohio and although they are growing quickly, their reach currently extends to only 9 states in the eastern US.

Warranty Claims

A few Original Mattress Factory reviews have been critical of their long term wear. According to these reviewers their mattress began to break down before the full warranty period ended and they had difficulty getting the mattress replaced.

However, many of these reviews display complete ignorance of the average expected lifespan of a mattress as well as lack of knowledge about the terms of the warranty. The industry used to say that a mattress should be replaced after every 7-10 years of daily use, but that figure has recently been revised downwards to 5-7 years. In other words, if it's more than 5 years old and it's becoming uncomfortable then you should consider buying a new one. This has been confirmed by independent studies.

One of the Original Mattress Factory reviews we read was from a customer complaining that her bed became uncomfortable after 9 years of steady use and the company wouldn't replace it. We find it very difficult to take this person seriously since even the mattress industry admits that their products are not expected to last this long. A reasonably priced mattress and box spring set may cost you on average $900. If you get 9 years use out of that, wouldn't you say you got your money's worth?

The length of a warranty is not a claim as to how long the mattress should last - as some people seem to think. All it means is that they'll replace the mattress if it fails due to a major manufacturing defect within that time. Just because the mattress didn't last the full 12 years of the warranty doesn't mean you're owed a new one.

The 20 - 30 year warranties that are advertised by many brands are pure marketing hype. If you take the time to read them you find that there is any number of reasons they can be rendered null and void including a single small stain on the mattress. Instead of joining in with this somewhat deceptive marketing tactic, the OMF offers a much more realistic 10-12 year warranty on their products. In our minds this is a point in their favor, not a drawback.

They also have one of the longest return policies in the industry with a 12 month comfort exchange. If you decide that the mattress is not right for you within that time, for some reason other than defects in workmanship, they will exchange it - minus 25% of the price of the mattress and shipping fees. This may seem like a lot of money but it's pretty much the same fees you'll see from other retailers who offer 90 days or less. As far as we know, there are only two places where you can buy a mattress that have better return policies - Costco and Sam's Club.

The moral of the story is do your homework and make sure you're buying the right mattress in the first place. Don't make a silly mistake like buying a twin when you need a full, as we read one reviewer did. Once a mattress has been in your home and the plastic has been removed it's considered used and the company won't resell it. It's not the manufacturer's responsibility to take the loss and give you a new one because you screwed up.

Original Mattress Factory Reviews - Our Recommendation

One of the most important sources we found for Original Mattress Factory reviews is Consumer Reports. They recently published the results of a survey done with over 17,000 of their subscribers. It took place over a period of 5 years and included customer degree of satisfaction with both the brand of mattress they had purchased and the buying experience at the retailer. The Original Mattress Factory is one of the few companies that both manufactures and sells their own products and they came out on top in both categories.

They were the highest rated retailer overall among a list including most of the major stores. (In case you're interested, Sleepy's was dead last). They came in second only to Tempur-pedic as the most highly rated manufacturer. You might find it interesting that their average price is less than half that of Tempur-pedic.

This survey is some of the most meaningful information you will find regarding the quality of mattresses, a product that is notoriously difficult to shop for. The fact that the company was so highly rated in both categories is, frankly, astonishing and shows that they are simply one of the best places you can go to buy a mattress and receive the most value for your money. We feel comfortable giving them our highest recommendation.

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