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Original Mattress Factory Latex Foam

by R. Dixon
(Hiddenite, NC)

We bought the latex foam and have had it for about three months now. My wife loved it right out of the gate but I wasn't sure. The feeling of sleeping "in" the mattress instead of on top of it was a little foreign to me and I wasn't sure I liked it. However, it has grown on me and I now love it as well.

The latex foam has all but removed the shaking and movement we got from our old inner spring mattress when one of us would turn over or get up during the night. We both do a fair amount of tossing and turning and it was an irritation for both of us.

Plus, since we now have a king size instead of queen, there is plenty of room for each of us to spread out without feeling cramped. My wife gets up first in the morning and she never wakes me up as she did with our inner springs mattress. The latex foam is excellent in this regard.

As mentioned, it makes for a very comfortable sleep. We got the 9 inch foam which is considered the firmer of the two latex mattresses Original Mattress Factory sells. The so-called latex deluxe was way too soft for us. The firmer one which we got is by no means a brick though. I don't consider it a "firm" when comparing it to a firm
innerspring mattress which can feel like sleeping on boards.

Ours is soft enough to get that "inside" the mattress feel without getting lost in it. Also, it does not cling to you and give you that stuck in the mattress feeling when you try to turn over that a memory foam mattress does. In addition, we have had no evidence of sagging of any kind.

The Original Mattress Factory did not try to "sell" us anything. We went in having done our research and the sales rep basically just confirmed to us what we had learned in our research. The warranty was fully explained to us along with their return policy. This was in Hickory, NC. Nice people, nothing underhanded. Delivery was on schedule.

The negative about the 9 inch latex foam is that we cannot find sheets that are a tight fit for the mattress. All sheets now are made with deep corners to accommodate the giant mattresses that are being sold today.

We finally found sheets at Walmart that are geared toward thinner mattresses, but they are not the more expensive sateen type we were used to sleeping on. So, if you like a super tight fit for your sheets, this one might not be for you. This is not the fault of the mattress, just the sheet manufacturers.

Overall, I give the Original Mattress Factory latex foam a definite thumbs up at this point.

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