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Sleep Number Bed Reviews

You'll Either Love It Or Hate It

Sleep Number Bed reviews reveal that there are many different opinions on this mattress. Most people seem to either really like the bed or dislike it completely, with very little middle ground. A great deal of this probably has to do with the price.

This is one of the more expensive beds on the market. We're certain that much of this cost is due to the massive amount of money they spend on advertising. The actual components that make up the bed don't seem like they would cost that much.

The Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed is a high-end mattress that will add a certain amount of luxury to your bedroom. It's adjustable, so you can make it more or less firm. Since each side of the bed is on separate controls, you and your partner can enjoy the bed just the way you want it. It comes with a very good warranty and most people who have used it agree that the customer service staff is quite helpful.

In some cases, people don't have realistic expectations when things cost a lot, which can change their overall opinion. In addition, since it's made from different materials than most other beds, it'll take some getting used to.

Since the Sleep Number Bed is so expensive, most people would assume it would give them the most comfortable sleep of their lives. If this isn't the case, they'll certainly be disappointed and won't have a very high opinion of it.

Those who have kept their expectations realistic, however, will most likely enjoy the flexibility that this bed provides, as both of the people who are sleeping in it can control how firm they want their side of the mattress.

Positive Sleep Number Bed Reviews

Of those who posted positive Sleep Number Bed reviews, the majority agree that it's the most comfortable bed they have ever slept in. Many people have also stated they suffered from back pain and purchasing this bed alleviated the problem. This is probably because of the ability to adjust it's firmness, so if a certain setting isn't working, you can experiment until you find one that does.

Another positive of this bed is that it is easy to set up and take down. The mattress is actually much lighter than a traditional one, so moving and making the bed become less of a chore.

The overall consensus on this mattress is that it does provide a very comfortable sleep, although it might take some getting used to, since it is different from a regular mattress.

For an in-depth look at all their different models see this article on Sleep Number Beds.

Complaints In Sleep Number Bed Reviews

In order to cover this topic fully we've written a separate article on Sleep Number Bed complaints.

One major decision you'll have to make when buying this bed is whether you want a single chamber or dual chamber model. Both types have their pros and cons. If you get the single chamber then you won't be able to have different settings on each side. Some people that own this type say it feels like an inflatable camping mattress because the weight of one person getting out of bed causes the whole balance to shift.

But the dual chamber design, which you can adjust individually, has a hard foam divider running down the middle which makes it difficult to snuggle. The divider also creates a valley in the middle of the bed when both sides are fully inflated which people can roll into. But the divider has it's good points as well. It eliminates motion transfer completely so you won't feel it when your partner gets up.

Here's a list of the sizes that are available for each different type:

Dual air chamber sizes:

  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King
  • Grand King

Single air chamber sizes:

  • Twin
  • Twin Extra-Long
  • Full
  • Queen

As you can see these comfort select beds are fairly complicated and have a lot of different parts. If you want something simple that you don't have to think about much then you may be better off with a traditional innerspring mattress.

Overall, deciding on whether or not you want to buy this bed comes down to how much you're comfortable paying. Chances are you'll enjoy the bed because it's adjustable firmness controls allow you to change your own personal sleeping area. However, the mattress won't provide you with so much comfort that your entire sleep pattern will change. In the end, it is just a bed.

We think a Select Comfort mattress can be safely recommended for couples who have very different preferences in the feel of their bed and will not be upset with the higher than average cost. It's not recommended, however, for people who will put themselves in a difficult position financially by making the purchase. These people may end up being disappointed.

Sleep Number Bed reviews are so divided that it's really difficult to make any general statements about whether you'll like it. The only way to know for sure is to try one out for yourself.

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Apparently you are not allowed to complain about their beds because 7 years later the pump broke and they would not honor their warranty claim. …

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