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Spring Air Beverly Hills 2000 1PT

by Neil Green
(Porter Ranch, CA. USA)

I have had to place 2 large King Size Pillows between the mattress and box spring to get some relief of support. We actually roll out of bed.

I had a man come out in 2008, several months after we first got our set because I felt like we were sleeping in a hole. At that time he measured and said it had to be two and half inches deep.

That was a lie, because in reading their facts sheet right now it says one and a half, and this was a couple months after we received the set.

You see we had a Sealy costing $2,085.88 that we ordered and received but because of the height we asked for a lower box spring. We requested that the store replace the box spring only.

They changed our Sealy set to Spring Air without giving us any verbal or written notice of change, nothing! I just found out we have a Spring Air now since trying to get it repaired. It has been four years in doing this.

I lost my business in 2010 and do not have the money to buy another mattress. We live from Social Security paycheck to paycheck. We have to rob Peter to pay Paul. I had a great waterproofing and small construction company.

My Wife suffers now from back pain since getting this cheap set and the deep holes in the mattress. The Spring Air people suck because they could only honor the warranty somewhat by giving a pro-rated amount of money.

Being that their mattress sets are so bad, they probably are cheap to make. If they had some business sense they would do something like sell us a mattress with a pro-rated amount to rebuild their image to somewhat higher standards than now.

Reading the bankruptcy notice I am S___ out of luck too. I would not give this mattress to a dog to sleep on because that poor dog would probably have to be put down because he or she would have back problems.

Spring Air you are the worst business people I have ever dealt with. Going bankrupt twice within ten years! I imagine you will go bankrupt again in maybe 4 more years to get out of your obligations to your customer base. Some day you might use up all the people, then what?

Do Not Buy A Spring Air, or anything they make.

Your philosophy: there will always be enough people to buy your cheap product. But, If you throw enough S___ on the wall a lot will stick.

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