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Spring Air Mattress Reviews

Spring Air mattress reviews are very easy to find. This isn't surprising considering they've been the fourth largest mattress manufacturer in the US for quite a while, behind Sealy, Serta, and Simmons.

Spring Air is best known for their Back Supporter mattresses which are supposed to conform to the body and deliver optimal support for the back during rest. There are three basic lines of these mattresses: the Value collection, Total Balance collection, and the higher end Four Seasons collection. Since many people are tired (no pun intended) of waking up with aches and pains due to incorrect back support, these mattresses have sold quite well.

For an in depth examination of their product line go to Spring Air Mattresses.

So, what are consumers saying in reviews? This is something everyone has to know before they even consider purchasing a Back Supporter, or any other mattress from the brand.

When you look at Spring Air mattress reviews for the Back Supporter lines they seem to be split between positive and negative - slightly in favor of the negative. This is the absolute worst we've seen for a single brand in all of our extensive research. If you go by the reviews it would appear that only about 45 percent of customers are happy with their mattress. The industry average for innerspring beds is about 80 percent so it's obvious that there's something wrong here.

Now, it's common knowledge that online reviews are usually unfairly skewed towards the negative. People are much more likely to go out of their way to make it known when they feel ripped off as opposed to when they're satisfied. After all, if you're happy with your purchase then everything is as it should be. However, even considering the negative bias, these are still terrible results. If you remember elementary school - 45 would be a failing grade. Spring Air appears to be flunking Home Economics. This holds true for pretty much all models as well, from the Spring Air Back Supporter and Comfort Flex to the more expensive Spring Air Four Seasons and Nature's Rest.

Spring Air Mattress Reviews
What Consumers Like (Not Much)

When new, the Back Supporter lines are praised in Spring Air mattress reviews for being supportive without being too spongy or too hard. They strike a nice balance between soft comfort and tough support (at first), which is great for anyone who has back problems. Even pillow top models tend to be very supportive (for a while anyway), unlike many other brands which are so plush and cushioned they provide little to no support for the back.

The prices can also be more affordable than some other brands, especially for mattresses designed for superior back support.

Spring Air Mattress Reviews
What Consumers Don't Like (Plenty)

There are a lot of angry Spring Air customers out there. The main complaint we see over and over again is that the mattresses begin to sag uncomfortably within a relatively short period of time. Many people say that they mattress was the most appealing and luxurious one in the store when they tried it out but after getting it home it developed craters fairly quickly - anywhere from a few weeks to a few years.

The Spring Air Pillow Top Mattress

The most likely culprit is a Spring Air Deluxe Pillowtop mattress. Pillowtops tend to feel great and look very impressive in the showroom but then the cheap foam used in many models tends to deflate and become compressed very quickly after you get it home. This is the source of most of the complaints about body impressions that we see and the reason why we always recommend avoiding pillowtops and getting a plush model instead. Pillow tops are generally bad news.

Unfortunately, in Spring Air Mattress reviews the complaints extend to their other models as well, not just the pillowtops as seen elsewhere. These don't appear to be normal body impressions either but large sinkholes on either side with a giant hump in the middle. Normally we might write this off as exaggeration but not when repeated this often. Many consumers report going to other brands after having the mattress replaced several times and still having the same problem with sagging.

The Spring Air Warranty

That's if they can even get the mattress replaced at all. Those smart enough to buy from a store with its own comfort guarantee shouldn't have a problem. If you have to rely on the manufacturer's warranty then good luck. Mattress warranties are notorious for not being worth the paper they're printed on. They're full of stipulations which allow them to easily be voided and definitely do not cover "comfort issues".

Spring Air appears to be just as bad if not worse than all the other companies in this respect. For complaints about body impressions they'll send a rep to your house to measure the indentations. If they're not deeper than one and a half inches then there's no cause for a replacement, regardless of whether it's painful to sleep on, and if they spot any stains on the mattress you can forget it.

This is standard industry practice so it's not like Spring Air is unusual in this respect. However, it certainly leads to a lot of angry Spring Air mattress reviews from people who just spent a lot of money on something they can't even use. In 2009 the company was sold and came out of bankruptcy under new ownership. Since the old company no longer exists the new owners are under no obligation to honor any warranties on mattresses sold before the changeover - making the whole issue moot anyway.

Spring Air Bankruptcy

Mattress construction isn't rocket science, although sometimes it appears that way. Mattress manufacturers want people to think that so they won't bother trying to educate themselves in order to make smarter purchases. Then the companies would have to work harder to build better products.

There's a simple explanation for such consistently bad results and that's poor design and shoddy construction with cheap materials. This would certainly explain why the Spring Air company has gone bankrupt twice in the past ten years.

They appear to have been on a large downhill slide for quite a while. Whether or not they're still the number 4 mattress manufacturer in the country is questionable at this point. A lot of large department stores seem to have stopped carrying them. They used to be available online everywhere from Sears to but now we can only find them at Target and US Mattress.

Part of the problem is probably that the Spring Air name has been licensed out to locally owned franchises with no central company overseeing things. This can lead to inconsistent products with very little quality control between factories. We're not absolutely certain that this is accurate but it's what we've gathered from our research.

Best Mattress Buying Guide Recommendation

Due to the many horror stories we've seen in Spring Air mattress reviews we definitely can't recommend them. With their recent track record we wouldn't touch one of these mattresses with a ten foot pole. Hopefully the new company will rebuild and come back stronger but it will take a long time to recover from such a steep decline, especially in this economy. For now we recommend you avoid them at all costs and spend your money elsewhere.

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