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Spring Air Chattam and Wells

by Nancy
(Oceanside, CA)

We bought what we thought was the best mattress available. We bought it from Macy's and paid $5,500.00 for it. It is a pillow top made by Spring Air.

We have two narrow slots on either side of a huge hump in the middle. The hump is so large that we can't even begin to lay on it. Neither my husband nor myself are heavy people, yet this cave in started within a year of purchase.

We called some company that had been hired to evaluate whether or not the mattress should be replaced or credit given. A man came out and he threw a cord across with weights on both sides then measured the distance the mattress had sunk down. He said it was only an inch and a half, not enough to get our money back.

We wrote Macy's regarding this and never got an answer. They no longer carry the mattress.

The same company is coming out again in November to measure. We started complaining about this after 18 months of sleeping on it. Now it has been three years. We shall see what they say. We measured the indention and it is now almost 2 full inches down from the center hump!

BMBG replies:

We're very sorry to hear about your ordeal - that's a lot of money to drop on something you're not satisfied with.

Unfortunately, Spring Air seems to have one of the worst track records we've seen as far as the durability of their products. We're guessing it was the salesman at Macy's that told you it was the best mattress available? Macy's return policy on mattresses, according to their website, only gives you 67 days. After that you're out of luck.

You're only hope now is to get Spring Air to do something. We doubt they'll give you a full refund. The Spring Air warranty on their website says they "may elect to repair your product" in which case you will have to pay for shipping to and from their factory or deliver it yourself for same day repairs.

We recommend staying away from a pillowtop on your next mattress, even the expensive ones tend to use cheap foam in the top layer which quickly breaks down and forms deep depressions. Go with a reasonably priced plush mattress or "tight top" (not a "plush top" which is the same as a pillowtop).

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