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Spring Air Pillow Top Mattress

by Gloria Graham
(Independence,Va. Grayson, Co.)

After 1 yr. I was sinking into my mattress about 12 inches. I weigh 110lbs. It must be full of air. You sit or lay and down you go! Get up, and up the mattress comes. If you can get up and out of it!

Like most others out there, your phone calls will not be returned. I had my receipt, and no stains! Perfect condition to look at.

Finally took the mattress back to Mattress Outlet which told me they no longer sell Spring Air.

When the mattress came back, there was support put around the edges (3 inches every 8 inches). No support in the middle. Dry rotted material now covers all around the sides.

So, Now I just roll and sink into the middle and LORD help us if 2 people dare try to sleep on that mattress !!!

I was told if I wasn't satisfied to bring it back. I tried to leave it then, but gave in and tried to sleep on it again. It was worse!!

No returned phone calls, so I loaded it up and took it back. I was told to call the factory.

The point is I needed a good mattress for my back. I needed a good night's sleep. That is not what I got. I did NOT get what I paid for. Warranties are just a lie. I wish I had kept the 20 yr. old mattress I had before, it was much better.

And the sales people just don't care to do their job. If it were them, it would be a different story. They are mad because I bought a bad product! There's something wrong with that picture.

Something is wrong with a system where people can get by with fraud. Any one who buys a Spring Air mattress is just stuck! When a child or elderly person smothers in one, what then?

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