Beginner's Mattress Buying Guide

Spring Air Presidential Pillowtop

by Jerry
(Siloam Springs, Arkansas)

Very comfortable, was the store's top of the line bed at $1999, for both mattress and foundation. $1319 for mattress and $340 each for the two piece foundation.

The salesman said we had to buy the $680 foundation or they wouldn't give a warranty. It was supposed to have a 10 year warranty, for $1999 + tax it better last the 10 years. However, it was just a rip off as they never intended to honor the warranty.

But when I laid on the bed, I knew it was the one I had to have. It was very comfortable, except for waking up too hot it was a great mattress, a very good night's sleep.

It has a latex pillow top, very hot. Took some time to get used to the warmth generated by body heat. After a year I was used to the heat and kept the air thermostat turned down in summer. Winter was great because after a few minutes it would feel good and warm you up.

I slept very well until it started sagging on both sides after about 3 years, where our bodies laid.

The mattress label said "No Turn", but the salesman said we'll have to turn it around each month to keep it from sagging. When the sagging got bad on both sides it would feel better after turning, but after a couple of weeks it needed to be turned again to make it feel better.

I have a bad back and after the sagging started I would wake up and turn over several times each night.

The Spring Air Co. went out of business so after the first 3 years we were out of luck on getting it replaced - even though the store said they would exchange the mattress if there was ever a problem and Spring Air wouldn't replace it - as long as we bought their $80 mattress pad/cover. Another rip off.

I will never buy from Hank's Fine Furniture again as other furniture we bought fell apart in just a couple of years. Hank's just has very high price and very low quality.

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