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Spring Air Traditional King Eurotop

by Tim
(Shorewood MN)

We've had this mattress 60 days and it has horrible sags. Like many said, it looked great and felt great in the store, but get it home and its junk in no time.

We went to replace the box spring with the standard vs low profile after a few weeks and I noticed the bottom of the mattress sagged over a foot. Plus, after only 60 days, both sides sag to the point where there is now a ridge in the middle of the bed.

I had a Schnidermans rep come out and he did the standard measurement. The impression was only 3/4's of an inch and he said that's OK after 60 days. Then when we lifted up the mattress to look at the boxspring the bottom bulged out. It did that both ways and he took photos.

So when I called to see if it was going to be replaced, I was told that its normal for it to sag like that and, as long as you put it on the box spring, you'll be fine. Really, I have a Simmons queen one sided mattress that we bought over a year ago and it looks like the day we bought it. This Spring Air mattress is a horrible value and made very cheaply.

If Schnidermans doesn't take it back I will take my complaint to the Better Business Bureau and make sure I visit their website and Spring Air's site. I will want to let everyone know what poor quality Spring Air produces and Schniderman's actually sells.

I've never had a mattress that was in such bad shape as this one and I've had most for 12-15 years. None were as bad as this one is after only 60 days. DO NOT BUY A SPRING AIR, THEY ARE POOR QUALITY!!!!!!

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