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Today we're going to be examining Shifman Mattress reviews. One of the best ways to research a product you're thinking about buying is to look online at real customer reviews.

While product descriptions, advertising, and company press releases can provide you with information, they will always try to put their product in the best light. Real customers, on the other hand, are normally not as forgiving.

But before we start, a word of caution - it's always a good idea to read as many reviews as you can before making up your mind about the quality of the product. Simply reading one or two probably won't provide you with the full picture.

If you've never heard of Shifman, believe me you aren't alone. It's a small company based in Newark, New Jersey who claims they make some of the most comfortable and exclusive mattresses in the world.

Well, we don't know about their level of comfort just yet, but they are certainly exclusive. They're only available in US stores east of the Mississippi River. Not to mention the fact that they are rarely sold in mattress stores. If you want a Shifman, you'll likely have to go to an upscale furniture or department store.

If you would like a closer look at the company's product line check out this article on Shifman mattresses.

So let's take a look at what the some real customers have to say.

Shifman Mattress Reviews - The Good


Shifman mattresses are handmade and customers claim this means they have a much longer lifespan than machine-made ones. One customer reported that he had owned a top of the line Shifman for over twenty-five years. Another said she had hers for over ten.


Even customers who had negative things to say about Shifman mattresses admitted they are some of the most comfortable beds they have ever slept on. Many customers also report getting a better night's sleep or even a lessening of their sleeping disorders.


Customers liked the fact that Shifman mattresses are finished on both sides, which means that they can be flipped to prevent sagging and soft spots. This also significantly extends the life of the mattress, possibly even doubling it.

Shifman Mattress Reviews - The Bad


Time and time again customers complained about the high cost of Shifman bedding. According to one review, their middle of the line mattress goes for more than $5000. Although one customer did report that she bought a similar mattress on sale for less than half the retail price. Still, cost was the major complaint even of customers who enjoyed their Shifman mattresses.


As we mentioned, Shifman is an exclusive brand and many customers had a hard time locating them. They reported having to visit a number of department stores before they could find a Shifman, and even then, there were only a few models in stock. The best places to find them are at fine furniture stores in the Northeast near the companies headquarters in NJ or at a department store like Bloomingdale's. We also recently discovered they can be found online at Klingman's.


Shifman recommends that their mattresses be flipped and rotated once a month for the first six months and then twice a year for the full life of the mattress. This is necessary to minimize the body impressions which occur naturally from the settling of the filling material. Customers say this isn't easy because they are very heavy due to their high quality construction. They say it's definitely not something you should attempt to do alone.

One customer noted that the Shifman she purchased was not quite as thick as other high-end mattresses. She worries that this means her mattress won't last as long. However, we don't think that thickness is a useful way too determine the construction quality - in fact the notion seems kind of silly.


Based on the Shifman mattress reviews, we would definitely recommend one for people who can find and afford them. The best course of action, as one customer mentioned, is probably to find a retailer like Bloomingdale's and wait for a sale to buy discount mattress sets. That way you'll actually end up saving money in the long run because they're clearly much more durable than many others on the market today.

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